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Stream Branding: Our Top 3 Tips

Stream Branding: Our Top 3 Tips

3 Design Tips to Help You Brand Your Twitch Channel

Some gaming streamers are worshiped for their superior skills. Others are followed for their quick wits. What both groups have in common is attention to detail – in gameplay but also in design. Being an integral part of the streaming experience, design separates top dogs from mere amateurs.

And it’s not only about the visual appeal.

Designing for the best streaming sites is also about achieving neat and organized layouts and helping streamers attract and retain new crowds. When it comes to audience engagement, every single element plays a supporting role – from banners and panels to alerts and overlays.

These are the best design practices for Twitch and other top streaming platforms.

Crafting Cool and Unique Overlays

An overlay is the centerpiece of your Twitch channel.

It normally includes essential elements such as a webcam, latest events, sponsorships, and alerts, but often boasts a few could-haves as well. The number of overlay extensions you’ll use is entirely up to you, but keep in mind that overlay clutter can be distracting during the game. Here are a few useful tips for overlay design:

  • If your Twitch channel prioritizes gameplay, keep your webcam view small
  • Be careful not to cover information important to the gameplay
  • If there’s a lot going on, keep the elements organized, tidy, and tasteful
jghosty intermission screen

Though less is traditionally more, clever design hacks can help you craft a feature-rich Twitch overlay that still keeps viewers focused on the game. If you decide to go for saturated instead of minimalistic and animated instead of static, make sure that every element serves a purpose.

Adding Custom Alerts to Streams

Twitch alerts are pure fun. This overlay feature allows you to celebrate the arrival of a new follower with your viewers but also to showcase your brand colors and keep the party going. That’s why most streamers choose bespoke explosive alerts instead of generic ones.

There is one thing you need to consider, though:

Getting too many new followers too often can make a loud Twitch alert pretty distracting.

If your Twitch channel is trending, it may be better to opt for smaller, creative alerts with fun sound effects. Adding a custom Twitch alert to OBS streaming is easy with OBS studio, though you can also use StreamElements, StreamLabs, and Muxy.

Branding Your Streaming Channel

Aside from overlays and alerts, many other elements contribute to the visual appeal of your Twitch channel. Some are essential, others are just cool to have around. Obviously, you cannot be a pro streamer without a pro logo. So, make that your first creative task.

The same rules apply to both logo design and the overall look of your channel:

  • It’s crucial to stand out and be easily remembered, though not at any cost
  • Differentiate your brand design by making it unique, not flashy and gaudy

More often than not, an effective design relies on simplicity to emphasize key selling points. You need to find out what yours are and to start building your brand image around that. Your key selling points are what makes you unique, special, and different from other streamers.

Get started today with Visuals By Impulse unique graphics. Good luck!