A Twitch Partner’s Perspective

As a streamer, perspective can be everything. Recently partnered Twitch streamer, Chilly shares his journey to Partnership.


My name is Will and I was recently accepted as a Twitch Partner on the 13th of April 2018. I’ve been getting a lot of questions from new streamers and streamers trying to take that next step to reach the huge goal of being accepted into the program, so I thought I would provide something that you may find helpful.

I began streaming in September 2016, beginning a 365-day straight challenge which I finished out. For most of this challenge, I was streaming very niche content (which can and does work in certain situations, I’ll discuss that later.) About nine months in I felt very put off by what was going on in the game’s community, so I made the decision to move onto a different form of flight simulation (what you will see me streaming now and what I was streaming leading up to being Partnered.) This was a good decision for multiple reasons, the cap of total viewers is a lot higher, and I ended up enjoying the community and the content more and more over time. This is an important point to discuss in the next portion.



What is the Partnerships team looking for and how can you make them want to hit yes for you? The Tips for Applying to the Partner Program article on Twitch Help is a summary of what you want-high quality content, a growing, strong average concurrent viewer count (which varies based on what your content is), and your stream consistency. Let’s break each piece down.



Arguably the most important piece. When you produce something that you enjoy doing, and your viewers enjoy, you will continue to build your community, and this leads to growing towards the growing average viewer metrics that the Partnerships team looks at. If you are a new streamer, or one trying to take this next step, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I doing this? (Why am I streaming on Twitch?)
  • Where do I want to end up? (Do I want to try to make this full-time or is it a hobby?)
  • What are realistic goals besides the big goal of Twitch Partner that I can set and celebrate along the way?
  • What is my personality, and how do I bring it into my content to make my content my own?

The last one is bold on purpose. There are tons of streamers out there that people can choose to watch. Why does your content deserve their time and support? Part of this is always striving to learn something new to improve your content and what you offer your community (both your stream’s community and the community of the game you are involved with.) It’s a two-way street; give your community good content, and you will be rewarded in time for your hard work and passion. Make something that you can be proud of. Everyone has challenges and obstacles along the way; put it aside to be your best self. Be involved in your community and use your stream to make the community you are involved with a better place.



This is not a guide on anything related to audio, video, or what you stream. However, I want to mention that it is important to have strong audio even over video; a lot of Twitch is ‘lurkers’ who like to have streams on in the background (I’m doing it as I write this!) and if your audio isn’t good, the odds are not being helped. This all goes back into my previous point, always finding a way to improve your content to grow. (This remains true after being Partnered, in case you were wondering!)



The next piece is about growth and consistency. For myself, one of the strongest growth drivers was producing content in an area with established streamers that was not saturated. Flight simulation is a perfect example of this, there were already several Partners but by no means is it saturated and as I gained more skills to make better content, my viewership grew to the levels where the Partnerships team wanted to accept my application. The Partner Program is special because Twitch is dedicating resources specifically for Partners to help them be more successful creators. Expect to be rejected multiple times, but this isn’t a bad thing. Use it as an opportunity to continue to make your content better and grow your audience. It took me a while to realize that I wasn’t producing content that was truly strong and once I made the changes I needed to, I got where I wanted to be. Don’t overthink this, just be honest with yourself. It’s a process.



Being consistent is essential. Make your schedule obvious, and if nothing else at least the days and time of day you stream. Put it in your Twitch Panels, in Discord somewhere appropriate. Setup a Discord if you do not have one and use it to interact with your community and announce when you start streaming. Your community will drive you and help keep you motivated when life gets hard and you question what you are trying to accomplish.



Finally, the last part I want to talk about is the actual Partner Application when you feel that you have grown your channel to the point where you are potentially able to be accepted. I’m going to share with you my actual written portion to hopefully guide your own (however, in no way does this mean you will be accepted if you write your own application similar to mine.)


Dear Twitch Partnership team,

Hello there! My name is Will, and I appreciate you taking the time to review my application today. My main focus on Twitch is flight simulation. I strive to create an environment that is positive, welcoming, and provides opportunities for both new and aspiring virtual/real pilots to acquire and master aviation skills, while having a lot of fun doing that. I have become extremely involved in this community and it’s a really important part of my life. Flight simulation continues to grow every single year, with better and better products and I am part of the forefront of showcasing this ever more successful hobby. Twitch is an amazing place to bring our hobby together, and partnership allows me to create an even better broadcast. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that I live for Twitch and the community that I am a part of that has come of it, and I want to keep bringing that inspiration to people for years to come. Thank you for taking the time to read my application. Have a great day!

Best regards,


What’s good about the way this is written? Its short, to the point, doesn’t try to add fluff and describes exactly who I am and what I do. You are never given an exact explanation of why you are accepted as a Partner, but that doesn’t mean the written section is meaningless.



I hope what I have given you here has been helpful! If you want to discuss this further, feel free to reach out to me on Discord. My Discord Tag is Chilly#7777, or you can come catch my stream live on my Twitch channel. Feel free to join and discuss the topics in more detail. Best of luck!