Every Adventure Begins With A Mission…

What's ours? To enable gamers and broadcasters worldwide. All through the language of design. Guess you could call us bilingual.

Professional stream design shouldn't be exclusive to the pros. From first-time creators to veteran streamers, everyone should have access to quality & affordable designs.

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5+ Years in Business

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400,000+ Streamers Served

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600,000+ Downloads

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8,000+ Custom Projects

We're Making Stream Design Easier than Ever.

Streaming is challenging. Your channel's graphic design shouldn't be.

That's why we offer a range of services, for all budgets. Free, premade, and custom.

That's why we integrate our overlays with all your favorite OBS platforms, not just a chosen few. All available 24/7, whether you're on- or offline.

And that's why we have a team of support gurus on standby - to guide you through the setup process.

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Who Are We?

We're gamers. Twitch broadcasters. YouTube creators. Esports junkies. Epic memelords.

We know our sh*t. And we design from experience. Design by streamers, for streamers.

We've gathered a team of leaders and innovators from around the world. The US, EU, Russia, Brazil, Argentina... Seriously, we're OP.

50+ artists, developers, and setup wizards. One goal: revolutionize live streaming. F's in chat for the old ways.

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Founder's Story

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I've been a creator all my life, and in 2015 I decided I couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer. I made it my mission to help other creators brand and monetize themselves.

"A passion for technology and data based decisions have always been my north star for everything I do. My career within Computer Science began in the suburbs of Chicago. I've had the honor of working with many brilliant minds at Fortune 500 companies solving cyber security challenges. Life was very much a matter of enabling employees to do their job, securely. But after 6 years of that, I got bored.

I wanted to grow personally, build a team and switch my gears into a field I've had a lifelong passion for. That's when I started Visuals by Impulse. A homage to my screen name, Impulse. Coincidentally, an impulse can be described as "something that incites or has a tendency to incite action." This was the perfect marriage of combining the visuals aka creative portion of the agency, along with impulse aka the technology of our business.

It has been incredibly humbling to meet with clients at events and hear their stories on how our team has helped change their streams and content overall. I can’t take all the credit, though; we have an amazing team located all over the world. It truly takes a village to do what we do.

Meet the Team

Meet the brilliant faces that makes VBI the best in the business.

  • Adriel Avatar


    Graphic Designer
  • Aimé Avatar


    Graphic Designer
  • Andrew Avatar


    Graphic Designer
  • Brendan Avatar


    Illustration Designer
  • Bruno Avatar


    Creative Engineer
  • Caolan Avatar


    Client Success Team
  • Corey Avatar


    Motion Designer
  • Dan Avatar


    Graphic Designer
  • Emily Avatar


    Social Media Manager
  • Igor Avatar


    Graphic Designer
  • Jack T Avatar

    Jack T

    Stream Designer
  • Jack Avatar

    Jack W

    Motion Designer
  • James Avatar


    Stream Designer
  • James W

    James W

    Stream Designer
  • Jared Avatar


    Marketplace Director
  • Jeff H Avatar

    Jeff H

    Motion Designer
  • Joe Avatar


    Creative Engineer
  • Joel Avatar


    Graphic Designer
  • John Avatar


    Project Director
  • Kadu Avatar


    Graphic Designer
  • Kenny Avatar


    Creative Engineer
  • Lia Avatar


    Emote/Illustration Designer
  • Liz Avatar


    Emote Designer
  • Mark Avatar


    Motion Designer
  • Nick Avola Avatar

    Nick A

    Content Manager
  • Patrik Avatar


    Motion Designer
  • Pedro Avatar


    Audio Engineer
  • Robin Avatar


    Graphic Designer/Developer
  • Ross Avatar


    Sr. Motion Designer
  • Ruth Avatar


    Emote/Illustration Designer
  • Sam Avatar


    Emote/Illustration Designer
  • Spencer Avatar


    Creative Engineer
  • Thai Avatar


    Emote/Illustration Designer
  • Tray Avatar


    Creative Director
  • Trey Avatar


    Motion Designer
  • Will Avatar


    Creative Engineer
  • Weining Avatar


    Creative Engineer
  • Mikey Avatar

    Mikey H.

    Creative Engineer
  • Will Avatar

    Will B.

    Motion Designer