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Animated Twitch Overlays For Streamers

Animated Twitch Overlays For Streamers

Animated Twitch Overlays

With over 9.5 million streamers on Twitch, it’s really important to find ways to stand out from the crowd and make your own stream as exciting as it can be. While your unique personality and gaming approach are, of course, the most important things when it comes to attracting large audiences, the visual stimuli are essential as well. That’s where animated twitch overlays come in.

Animated overlays add that little extra something that improves your overall appeal, managing to keep the old viewers and appeal to the new ones.

Let’s first take a look at why animated overlays are important, then we can divulge into where to actually find them.

Twitch Overlays And Animation

Well, first thing’s first, go back to that number of streamers mentioned, 9.5 million! That’s quite a competition you’ve got there! There’s only so much you can do with your gameplay to truly stand out.

However superficial it may sound, a great deal of your appeal lies in the appearance of your stream. While your existing viewers have probably gotten to know you by now, and have probably stayed on your channel because of their emotional investment in it, all new viewers lack that emotional connection.

This means you need to grab their attention with your “looks”. Speaking of attention, it’s said that our attention spans have gotten shorter over the years. That means you have a very limited amount of time to truly connect with the new viewers.

Animated Twitch overlays tend to be fun and eye-catching, giving you more time to draw a new audience in, then use your charm and gameplay to keep the new viewers.

Finding Killer Animated Twitch Overlays

None of the benefits of animated overlays will matter much if you don’t know where to find them — or which ones to choose! There are many factors that can influence your design, primarily your own taste and the audience’s preferences.

However, regardless of those two factors, there are some things that are common to all well-designed animated overlays, so have a look:

Sticking to Your Established Brand Identity

Building your own brand identity on Twitch is a difficult task, but a rather important one. Your brand identity is how your audience recognizes you and any visuals and sounds you use in your streams should build a unified brand image.

When selecting your animated overlay, you should try to stick to the same colors and fonts that you use on your channel. Keeping them in harmony will instill loyalty among your viewers, and you’ll appear more reliable.

Keeping It Simple

There’s kind of a fine line between being boring and being overwhelming. Without any overlays or any visual stimuli, you run the risk of being too simple and dull. Too many animations, colors, pop-ups, and all, and you run the risk of being overpowering.

This is why it’s a good idea to start simple. You don’t have to use all the exciting available fonts, images, and all that, just pick a few things you like.

Customize, Customize, Customize

The best animated overlays over heaps of customization options. After all, what’s the point of using the same design as everyone else? You should be able to personalize your graphics to make them feel one-of-a-kind and unique. Generally, we’d suggest looking for these features:

  • Multiple color options: Most professional overlay packages allow you to choose from a variety of colors. Other packs may be designed in a monochrome color scheme, but allow you to adjust colors by using hue filters within OBS or Streamlabs. Either way, don’t settle for boring, one-color-fits-all overlays.
  • Modular overlays: Higher-end stream packages often allow you to customize screen layouts, which is a HUGE draw. Modular screens are built in layers — meaning you can add, remove and reposition almost every element on the screen. Just click and drag designs into the spot you want them!
  • Personalized alerts: The more personalized your alerts, the more incentive viewers have to donate and interact with your stream! Luckily, most modern overlays allow you to adjust your alerts within OBS or Streamlabs. In many cases, you’ll be able to customize text, colors, speed and patterns.

Make your animated overlays your own!

Picking out an animated overlay shouldn’t be difficult if you keep these things in mind. Take a look at our award-nominated collection — and find the right match for your stream!