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Streamlabs OBS vs. OBS: A Performance Analysis

Streamlabs OBS vs. OBS: A Performance Analysis

Streamlabs OBS vs. OBS Performance Breakdown

If you’re an avid streamer, chances are you’re quite familiar with OBS and Streamlabs OBS. But to a beginner, these might be foreign terms. In simple terms, these are two widely used broadcast software programs used by Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Live streamers alike.

These software programs are what make streaming possible. And if you’re deciding between the two software programs for your revamped stream, you’ll need to know which is the best performing software. So, before you deep-dive into some Streamlabs vs. OBS reddit research, let’s first divulge into the Streamlabs vs. OBS performance debate and much more about these two popular pieces of broadcast software:

Why Do Streamers Need Broadcasting Software?

Essentially, streamers would not be able to do anything without broadcasting software. As we said before, broadcasting software makes streaming possible. It is the program that records and streams the current video and audio on a streamer’s stream.

The most common and widely-used broadcast software are Streamlabs OBS and OBS.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software Studio)

To begin, we’ll start with OBS since it is one of the most standard broadcast software programs. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software Studio. On top of this software being free, it is also open source, so the code is open to the public. This gives developers the freedom to improve upon this software whenever they please.

OBS has a simple installation process after which you will manually connect a Twitch, Youtube, or another streaming platform key. OBS will recommend a few settings after this and then you are free to stream.

OBS Performance

OBS is a high-performance software delivering the ultimate user experience but lacking in additional features and functionality. OBS is a seamless software for any of your recording or broadcasting needs but it does not deliver many extra bells and whistles.

OBS does provide a few free overlays and others at additional costs, but with resources like Visuals By Impulse, it’s never a hassle to find free overlays for your stream. OBS also doesn’t allow for donations which can be problematic.

Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS is ultimately an advancement of OBS with increased functionality. Streamlabs OBS is essentially the same OBS code revamped with a better user experience. This software is also free and offers an even easier installation process than OBS. Although this software is only available for Windows, you can get Streamlabs OBS Mac with Bootcamp.

Once Streamlabs OBS is downloaded on your Windows, Streamlabs will pre-configure all settings and send you straight to the Dashboard. All that’s left is to link your streaming account, run the auto optimizer, add your stream key, and your set to stream!

Streamlabs OBS Performance

As we stated before Streamlabs OBS offers an enhanced user experience like no other. Streamlabs provides a variety of themes and advanced features to create a unique experience for the streamer. You can choose from dozens of themes to personalize your stream.

Streamlabs OBS for Twitch Streamers

Streamlabs OBS also offers some built-in features that can’t be found anywhere else. With Streamlabs OBS, you’ll receive free:

  • Alerts
  • Built-in text-to-speech
  • Widgets
  • Layouts
  • And more

All this is provided to you without any third-party tools! But if you’re looking for something more customized… be sure to check out our Streamlabs OBS compatible overlays today!

The Bottom-Line

Overall, we’re huge fans of both software programs but definitely think Streamlabs OBS offers a lot more functionality, has a higher performance value and is overall a better user experience.

If you’re looking for additional customization beyond the great features Streamlabs OBS provides, browse Visuals By Impulse’s selection of customizable Twitch and Mixer graphics and overlays today!