Celebrate New Years With New Overlays

New Years Eve Twitch Overlays (& More)

Ringing in 2020 with chat? Hey, we don’t blame you. There’s no lines, no cover, and a 100% chance of PogChamp.

This year, let’s make it a party to remember. Our team of designers cooked up a devastating lineup of goodies for your 2020 festivities. From bursting fireworks to popped champagne to midnight countdowns and more. We’re here to make your New Years Eve a thing of legends. Just don’t look at us for a midnight kiss.

3 new designs. 3 game-changing styles. Let’s take a look.

2020 Stream Package

Start by bringing out the big guns: our official 2020 Stream Package. A sure-fire way to blow chat’s mind this New Years Eve.

Overlays, animations, fireworks shows, and confetti. It’s all here. Make it the cornerstone of your New Years Eve celebration and watch those donos and gifted subs roll in. Your package includes:

  • Stream Alerts
  • Overlays (Webcams, Greenscreen, Event Panels)
  • Animated Screens x 5 (Starting Soon, Intermission, Be Right Back, etc)
  • Animated Transition
  • Profile Art
  • Twitch Panels

Plus, easy one-click-setup for Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements. Grab the full animated version for just $20 by clicking here.

FREE New Years Stream Flair

Looking for something more minimalist and… erm… free? Well look no further gamers, we’ve got your New Years overlays right here.

Put on a show with three animated webcam styles: 16:9, 4:3, and full-screen. Look on as fireworks explode around your cam’s new golden border. Now you’re stylin’.

The New Years Stream Flair also includes a special midnight countdown animation. When your clock hits 10 seconds to midnight, buckle in for a show… Oh, and did we mention the special surprise waiting for you and chat at midnight? No spoilers, just make sure chat clips your reaction.

Download yours for free right here.

2020 Social Callouts

Give your social media some love this New Year season. Pour out a toast and drive new social followers with these animated stream overlays.

Introducing a first-of-its-kind social overlay. Fully customizable and easier than ever to set up. Choose from 15 social media networks, add your personal social handles, then choose your custom timing between callouts.

Includes a built-in editor, so you don’t have to worry about the messy details. Plus a handy walkthrough video, in case you need a hand uploading the HTML file to your favorite OBS platform.

Grab yours for just $2.50 (limited-time) by clicking here.

Bring On The Next Decade

And you thought 2019 was epic… Just get ready. 2020 is going to take your stream to new heights.

Here at VBI, we’ve got huge things in store. From interactive designs to ground-breaking widgets and a slew of new design themes, we’re out to revolutionize the stream game. We won’t stop until we’ve conquered the scene.

More importantly, 2020 marks a new era for your channel. We’re going to take your stream to new heights of engagement, monetization, and brand excellence. We can’t wait to take on the new year by your side.

See you in 2020.

Team VBI