Free Christmas Overlays For Twitch

Christmas Stocking Stuffers Twitch Overlays & Widgets

It’s that magical time of the year. Holiday fever is officially here. 

Across Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube, broadcasters everywhere are celebrating the winter season. Specialty overlays, widgets, and more, designed to spread Christmas cheer to your stream audience.

Don’t be left out. Don’t be a scrooge. Check out our holiday lineup and deck the halls.

Why Should I Bother?

As a streamer, we’re always looking for new ways to engage with our viewers. The holiday season is no exception. In fact, we’d argue it offers one of the best opportunities of the year to connect personally to your audience.

Why? Well, every individual, every family has their own personal holiday traditions. By sharing your Christmas spirit and stories, you open a new window into your life. 

In a way, you’re welcoming each member of chat into your extended family. Those celebrations that used to be restricted to families and communities? Now the can be spread across the globe in seconds. By participating, you’re fostering a spirit and community of ‘togetherness’. And a strong community is a loyal community. 

It goes without saying that a loyal community is Step #1 towards achieving your streaming goals. 

Streamer Sitting in Front of Monitor

Not to mention, it’s a great time to capitalize on seasonal goodwill. How so? Well, most streamers experience a surge in monetization around the holidays. Cheery viewers feel the urge to donate and gift subs at a higher velocity. By creating a festive atmosphere, you’re encouraging an environment of giving. And that directly affects your wallet.

Yeah, we get it. It’s cheesy. Maybe a bit cliche. But that’s the point. So throw on a tacky Christmas sweaters, start that holiday playlist, and share the love.

Here are a few tools that will help you do just that.

Holiday Stream Ornaments

The Christmas starter kit. All the overlays you need to spread holiday cheer.

Our most popular winter bundle, including:

  • Animated Christmas lights to string along your webcam or stream screens. Includes multiple bulb variations, so you can customize your look.
  • Animated snow and frost effects for your webcam or stream scenes. Which variation will you choose: piled snowfall, falling flakes, or a frosty window pane?
  • An animated stream transition to keep things frosty. Send chat into sub-zero temperatures with a storm of ice and snow.

Download it here today for just $5.

Starry Night Stream Package

Want to turn your stream into a winter wonderland? Go ‘Starry Night’ and make it a white Christmas.

The complete overlay package, featuring:

  • Stream Alerts
  • Stream Overlays
  • 6 x Stream Screens
  • Animated Transition
  • Profile Art
  • Twitch Panels
  • Custom Sound Effects
  • One-Click-Setup for Streamlabs and StreamElements

Unwrap yours here.

Gingerbread Stream Deck Icons

Tasty treats, fresh out of the oven.


Customize your Elgato Stream Deck with this festive icon bundle, featuring 300 unique gingerbread designs. Each available in red or green backgrounds, so you can mix & match those Christmas colors.

Works on all your Elgato devices: the Stream Deck, Stream Deck XL, and Stream Deck Mini. Even includes blank cookie templates, so you can add your very own icon text. Yum.

Did we mention it’s free? Click here to download your gift.

Bauble Events Animated Event List

‘Tis the season. Decorate your stream with the ultimate holiday Event List.

These animated ornaments will display your latest followers, subscribers, donations, and much more – all with Christmas flair. Featuring eight festive color variations.

Best yet, setup has never been easier or quicker. The Bauble Events List is 100% code-based, meaning there are no creative assets to upload. All you need is found in the One Click Setup links! Adjust colors and fonts to get streaming within minutes – all via custom fields in your Streamlabs or StreamElements OBS. Feelsgoodman. 

Grab yours for just $5 here.

Next Step: Start Decorating

Your holiday arsenal is ready. And we can’t wait to see chat’s reaction.

Whichever you choose, know that you’ve always got a spot by our fireplace. Wishing you a very happy holidays, from your friends at VBI.