How to Brand Your Twitch Channel: Tips from 3 Streaming Legends

How to Brand Your Twitch Channel Tips from 3 Streaming Legends

If you’re a Twitch gamer, then why not try and brand yourself as a rising star in the Twitch community? A year from now, your passion might bring in some money. But for that to be even a possibility, you must learn how to establish yourself as a pro first and grab your audience’s attention.

Here’s how the masters of Twitch do it:


Jack Dunlop’s brand, otherwise known as “CouRageJD”, now has a whopping 1.5 million followers, which makes him one of the most successful Twitch streamers in the game. But CouRageJD sets himself apart by blending his playful and energetic personality into his brand daily. Every part of his brand is just an extension of his fun personality.

Design-wise, CouRageJD’s channel guarantees a dynamic, interactive visual experience. From his intro video and overlays to transitions, stream alerts, and other details, the animation is professional, yet entertaining. His community engagement trick – cool branded emotes depicting his streaming moods.

All this, including his ornate branded loyalty badges and seasonal design updates, showcase the attention to detail that makes CouRageJD such a great streamer in the first place while simultaneously being a likable influencer who cares about his appearance and his fans. Nice work, CouRageJD!

FaZe Yelo

Yelo’s signature playgame is bold and epic – the same attributes could be used to describe his Twitch persona. You don’t get to be one of the biggest names in the business by playing coy, after all. Yelo is extremely competitive, which has become his differentiating point and the key element of his brand.

Every visual element of his Twitch channel reflects this. While yellow (as in Yelo) challenges black to an epic battle, overlays and transitions offer upbeat animations reminiscent of common esports design. Yelo’s branding strategy also includes social media art and campaigns, as well as some great sponsorship deals.


GoldGlove needs no introduction, his brand is that strong.

But being a true professional, he wasn’t fully satisfied with his Twitch stream design, more precisely, his stinger (transition animation). Now, thanks to his own knack for branding and the smart minds here at Visuals by Impulse, GoldGlove’s stream boasts a stinger worthy of his fame – his signature zombie crawling to the screen.

And this is the perfect illustration of how GoldGlove’s brand feels. Engaging in every element, it never fails to deliver an adrenaline-pumping experience to his followers, be that on Twitch or on YouTube. GoldGlove’s brand image is cool, cocky, and explosive. What more could you ask from a Twitch idol?

But there’s another branding lesson in his stinger story. GoldGlove carries perfectionism on his sleeve, which makes him one of the best players of all time, but is also of crucial importance when it comes to keeping his fans pumped, excited, and always hungry for more.

If you want to make a name for yourself on Twitch, you must have consistent high performance, but also a unique and friendly brand. You should appear as a professional, but still be entertaining. And most importantly, start doing it for the fans. Although crazy competitive, Twitch is still a community.

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