How To Make Your Own Esports Logo (Without Design Skills)

How To Make Your Own Esports Logo Without Design Skills

Need a logo in a pinch? On a shoestring budget? If custom’s not an option, you might be better suited using a logo maker tool! We invited our friends at Placeit to show you how to make your own esports logo using their professional templates. No long waiting times, and no design skills necessary.

So you’ve never missed not being a skilled designer until now that you need to know how to make an eports logo to boost your gaming brand. Make sure you follow these tips to create the best avatar and be ready to win!

1. Name Your Brand

Your esports avatar or team must have a great name to stand out from the crowd, especially when participating in competitions and gaming conventions around the globe.

2. Create Your Avatar

There are two options when creating an esports logo: to look for a designer and hire them to create an avatar that will represent you or to use an esports logo maker.

But, if you’re looking for advice, let me tell you that online you will find lots of tools that will help you create a logo within minutes. Also, you can choose to create a still logo using a logo maker, or step it up with an animated one.

How To Make Your Own Esports Logo Without Design Skills

3. Choose A Template

Not sure which style fits your character? Feel free to explore all of them! It won’t take that long. You can use the following list to briefly get to know what they’re all about.

Animated Logos

Pick an online animated logo maker to save time, explore the following categories of animated logos to choose a character that really represents your gaming personality.

  • Anime
    • If you want an anime style for your channel, explore these logos inspired by this Japanese aesthetic.
  • Call of Duty
    • Are you ready to fire? Call of Duty fans will get powerful logos.
  • Car Racing
    • Gear up! These racing animated logos are ready to run really fast.
  • Cartoonish
    • Give your avatar a fun look. Cartoon style logos are made for those who really enjoy a little 8-bit nostalgia as much as gaming.
  • Counter-Strike
    • Gear up for combat! Counter-Strike inspired animated logos will give you that extra punch to beat your opponents.
  • DoTA
    • Are you ready to be the new hero with these amazing avatars inspired by DoTA? Choose wisely.
  • Emblem
    • There are many reasons why this style is the most popular. The first and most important one is because they are simple, memorable, and meaningful, especially for teams.
  • Fantasy
    • It’s time to get magical with an avatar of a fantastic creature.
  • Fighting
    • In the gaming world, strength is something you do want to show. It’s time to flex those muscles!
  • Fortnite
    • No time to be low-key. Fortnite inspired logos are made by professional designers! An animated logo like this will uplift your game and make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Free Fire
    • Surviving is good, but surviving in style is better! Your channel will be one to keep an eye on if you go for this kind of avatar.
  • Horror
    • The undead creatures from the underworld are ready to rise and scare your enemies.
  • League of Legends
    • Go for a famous League of Legends inspired avatar to play by yourself or with your most skilled friends.
  • Mafia
    • Tough guys and girls are ready to take a bullet for you any day.
  • Mascot
    • This style is perfect for teams to portray their spirit! Wild animals, pets, and fierce creatures are ready to roar!
  • Mobile Legends
    • Claim your title as an all-time hero with one of these characters inspired by Mobile Legends.
  • PUBG
    • Characters like these will show your best skills in full color when you’re in a multiplayer battle.
  • Rainbow Six Siege
    • Be ready to choose an avatar that’s so full of power it’s almost intimidating.
Ragnarok Viking with Axe Animated Logo

Still Logos

  • Human Characters
    • Do you want to use your own features? Explore this category and customize your avatar to make yourself one!
  • Fantasy
    • Fairytales do come true, at least on your streaming channel.
  • Animals
    • A turtle? An eagle? A deer? It’s time to bring your spirit animal to life.
  • Horror
    • Don’t wake up from the nightmare, create it! High-contrast hues will uplift the spooky look on your undead avatar.
  • Blocks
    • Get up and become a 3D character with these block inspired logos that will stand out.
  • Anime
    • Kawaii avatars are available online too! These logos are a great way to really give your channel that anime look.

4. Customize Your Logo

Follow these easy logo design tips to choose the right colors you need to get the most striking result to stand out from the crowd.

It’s OK to play with different color combinations, but don’t just randomly choose them. Pick a base color, an accent color, and a background to highlight your avatar. Take a look at this quick  color guide:

  • White. It’s perfect for a clean, elegant avatar, just choose a bright accent color to make it pop.
  • Black. Mysterious, dramatic, and great for horror avatars.
  • Gray. Because of its cool and warm undertones, gray is very versatile.
  • Red. This is the go-to color to get all the attention. Show your passion for gaming!
  • Orange. This one is to pump the energy up! Perfect for really active gamers.
  • Yellow. Give your logo an optimistic, cheerful touch with yellow.
  • Green. Depending on the shade, green can look fresh, modern, or spooky.
  • Blue. For serious gamers. Picking blue is one of the safest choices.
  • Purple. Mystery will be the perfect partner if you choose a purple avatar.
  • Pink. Perfect for the bright, playful characters.
Man in Hoodie Plays Video Games

5. Start streaming!

If you’re figuring out how to become a pro gamer, be on your way! You should start streaming, looking for sponsors or even a team to join.

Is there anything you’d like to share with the gaming community? Write your thoughts in the comment section!

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