Valentine’s Day Is For Streamers

We’re turning up the heat. No flowers; no chocolates. Just premium, heartfelt stream graphics. This Valentine’s Day, we’re on a mission to get lucky.

Win chat’s heart with a duo of new releases on the VBI store. From animated overlays to stream transitions to Stream Deck icons, it’s a surefire way to spice things up on air. 

Best of all, download our new Sweetheart Stream Flair and you’ll unlock 30% OFF the stream pack of your choice. The ultimate Valentine gift. Made with love for you, our streaming sweetie. 

Sweetheart Stream Flair

The lover’s bundle, designed for heartbreakers and Tinder warriors. All the essential Valentine graphics in one place, including:

  • Stream Alerts: Unleash a shower of rose petals for your adoring fans
  • Stream Overlays: Animated effects for your webcam, greenscreen, and fullscreen display
  • Animated Transition: Unleash Cupid’s bow for a spark of stream adrenaline

Grab yours for just $5.

Admirer Stream Deck Icons

Love is in the air. Download this FREE icon bundle for the Elgato Stream Deck series. Featuring 921 adorable Valentine illustrations, so you can set the mood like never before. Package includes:

  • 307 Unique Icons: All your favorites, designed with chibi art style that just screams kawaii
  • Three Unique Backgrounds: Choose from hearts, flowers, or a delicate mix of both
  • Full Compatibility: Works with Stream Deck, Stream Deck XL, and Stream Deck Mini

Download yours free.

Will You Be Our Valentine?

You’ve won our heart. Now get out there and share it with the world. Share your holiday adventures with us on Twitter – just tag @VBI to make it official!

Forever Your Simp,

– Team VBI