Introducing our Affiliate Program!


We have many Visuals by Impulse fans who advocate for our brand as well as spread the word about our amazing graphics. We wanted to take it a step further. 

Why not pay those who advocate for us?

Visuals by Impulse is launching an affiliate program that pays you up to 20% commission on every sale generated in our store using your unique URL. 

How does it work?

  1. Create a free VBI Affiliate account
  2. Fill out application & read/agree to the program terms. Click "Sign up"
  3. An affiliate dashboard will now be visible upon login.
  4. Here you will find your unique affiliate URL that you can use to send customers to our site.
  5. Get creative! Display your link in your profile, stream, YouTube, Tweets, ad banners or giveaways!
  6. You will receive a commission for every sale made using your referral link.


For example:

Customer uses your referral link, makes a $30 purchase on our store, you earn $6 in cash!* Put your Paypal account on autopilot and make money while you game or sleep. It's that easy.

* Calculated using 20% commission rate.


How are the earnings calculated?

  • You direct a customer to our site using your custom URL. The URL sets a cookie for 30 days on the visitor's computer so we can identify them as your referred customer. 
  • You receive 10%, 15%, 20% of the customer sale (based on your affiliate status) of each transaction.
  • Track your earnings using our affiliate dashboard
  • Your commission earnings will be paid out every 60 days via Paypal.



  • Casual (10% commission): 1-1999 followers/subscribers
  • Partnered (15% commission): 2000-4999 followers/subscribers
  • Professional (20% commission): 5000+ followers/subscribers


Click the link below to make a free affiliate account!



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