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The man, the meme, the legend, GoldGlove. When Goldy and his team hit us up in DMs for custom stream design, the urge to fangirl was real. It’s not every day you work with a founding pioneer of the modern gaming and esports scenes. A rare dual-threat content creator with communities well over 1M+ on both YouTube Gaming and Twitch. When GoldGlove felt the itch for a new animated stream transition, he chose team VBI… trusting our design squad to whip up something truly special. And we delivered. We delivered HARD.

The GoldGlove brand is strong. The design, stellar. But Goldy felt something was lacking in his Twitch presentation. He was on the hunt. More specifically, on the hunt for a professional transition animation (also called a ‘stinger’) that would ramp up his broadcast’s energy levels and drive chat engagement. An explosive, high-intensity animation that he could trigger at any moment, for an effect equal parts jump-scare, equal parts adrenaline-spike. He came to the right place.

Over the next two weeks, our ace squad of illustrators and motion designers worked night and day to deliver something truly special. They poured countless hours into the project, crawling hands over knees (quite literally, as you will soon see) to produce a design worthy of the GoldGlove brand. The final product is one of our proudest animated products yet, a worthy addition to our design hall of fame. And when Goldy revealed it live on-air, for the first time, his reaction said it all.

In this Case Study, you’ll get an inside look into the GoldGlove creative process. A behind-the-scenes design tour, from opening sketch to final, flesh-eating product. VBI proudly presents, the Goldy Showcase.

GoldGlove Custom Twitch Stream Animated Transition


As with all our custom projects, we kicked things up by arranging a round-table Discord call with GoldGlove, his team, and our designers, so that Goldy could share his vision with us. He wanted a quick and explosive animation – no more than 3 seconds – featuring the iconic GoldGlove ‘zombie’ mascot logo. The zombie would suddenly emerge from a hole in the ground, crawling towards the viewer before engulfing the screen in darkness. It was key to get emotion right; the zombie needed to ‘feel’ like it had just sprung its trap and was out for human flesh. As if it had been lying in wait for a victim to pass, swiftly emerging from underground to attack its prey. The animation would need to mix equal parts fear, equal parts cartoony fun.

First up, our illustrators got to work sketching out the design foundation. This stage was critical – they would need to painstakingly sketch out each frame of the sequence, keeping a keen eye on movement and anatomy. The zombie’s poses needed to feel lifelike and natural, or else the final animation would fall short. But how does one accurately represent such a strange, unusual body movement? It’s not every day you see a humanoid creature emerge from a subterranean tomb and crawl menacingly towards a rolling camera. Reference material was in short supply, and that is a very, very bad thing for illustrators and motion designers.

GoldGlove Animated Twitch Transition Illustration Line Art

Our lead illustrator came up with a creative, ingenious solution. She propped up her iPad, started recording, and proceeded to reenact every single pose. Yes, you heard that right. She hid behind her bed, emerged above the mattress, then crawled her way forward towards the camera. Now that’s commitment.

With recording in hand, we had finally found our reference material. The illustrator team began sketching out each of the key poses that had been reenacted IRL, placing each of the zombie’s body parts on a separate layer – like one giant, undead puzzle.

Early sketches were ready to rock. We showed GoldGlove a preview of the illustration, and he was ecstatic. That meant a big ‘thumbs up’ to start filling in the line art. Using Goldy’s mascot logo as reference, we began applying a color palette that matched his branding and channel visuals. The pale, corpse-like blue of the zombie’s skin, the military green of its uniform, and the golden hues of the mascot’s eyes, accessories, and ammunition belt. Step one, officially complete. Poggers.

GoldGloveTV Custom Twitch Animated Transition Illustration

Next up, it was our motion designers’ turn to get their hands dirty. With illustrations in hand, our animators could break ground on GoldGlove’s visual effects. They started by adding in clouds of dust and dirt, to match the gritty, rugged look of Goldy’s branding. As the iconic zombie emerges, plumes of debris shoot upwards, swirling and dissipating on the breeze. When the zombies’ hands strike the bare earth, more dust is scattered to the wind. Large sink holes and fault lines scar the earth as the zombie emerges and unburies itself. The cracks spread and deepen as the figure crawls forward, adding momentum and intensity to the design.

GoldGlove Animated Twitch Transition Concept

From here, it was time to whip up a killer, capstone animation ending. In its current stage, the design faded to black after entering the zombie’s mouth, a jarring transition if it were to suddenly snap back to Goldy’s stream. We needed a smooth, zombie-themed closing animation that would provide a more natural transition feel.

The final product was a stroke of genius. As the viewer enters the zombie’s maw, they plunge through rotting wounds and snapping flesh. It ‘feels’ almost as if they are being devoured, only to rip through and emerge safely on the other side, back on the GoldGlove channel. Pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel.

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