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Introducing the ‘Hogman Showcase’. An ode to the man who helped kickstart our foray into professional esports design. An ‘OG’ VBI client, whose personal reputation is almost as big as his passion and support for the esports community. When Hogman reached out to us in the summer of 2018 for custom branding and Twitch design, we couldn’t have predicted that his project would evolve into one of our most ambitious yet. A textbook example of teamwork and innovation… and a worthy addition to our Design Hall of Fame.

Today, Hogman is widely regarded as one of the top professional Fortnite players in the game. Captain of the prestigious compLexity Gaming Fortnite Squad, Hogman has led his team to a number of top tournament finishes and impressive performances. Few however, know that he originally came to fame as a world-class World of Warcraft pro, renown for his Mage play. Since those early WoW days, Hogman has built a reputation as one of the premier content-creator dual-threats, boasting nearly 100K Twitch Followers and almost 200K Subscribers on YouTube. Along the way, he’s landed a number of landmark sponsorship deals, including H4X and HyperX. As one of this generation’s esports leaders, Hogman has a bright future ahead of him – and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Despite the stacked resume however, Hogman lacked a real ‘brand look’ and professional stream design – what visuals he did have were remnants from his early career, and in need of a major upgrade. His personal branding lagged behind his esports success, and it was about time were synced up. That’s where we came in. Today’s Hogman branding was actually the result of several design stages. First came the essentials: a mascot logo, stream overlays, profile art, Twitch emotes, and subscriber badges. Next would come motion design: animated alerts and stream transitions. In the end, our team of graphic designers, illustrators, and motion designers delivered one of our proudest custom projects, and Hogman was just as stoked as we were.

In this Case Study, we’ll walk you through the design process. From our early consultations with Hogman to delivery of the final goods. There’s much more to come too, as Hogman and our team continue to dream up improvements and new elements to add to his design. We’ll keep this Case Study updated as new additions roll out, so stay tuned!

Hogman Custom Twitch Stream Design


When Hogman approached us in summer 2018, he was looking for the full works. An intense, high-energy esports design that would match his competitive personality and be worthy of the compLexity Gaming name.

Our team quickly arranged a round-table discussion with Hogman to get an idea for his brand vision and dream stream graphics. His priorities soon became clear: for starters, a bold new mascot logo and professional stream design. With his Twitch channel growing and big esports tournaments on the horizon, Hogman needed a quick turnaround time for his design. As such, the early stages of his design would be static (un-animated) assets, focusing on the essential esports branding, Twitch overlays, and profile art. Over time however, his project would continue to expand and evolve, eventually incorporating Twitch stream animation and custom YouTube graphics. From start to ‘finish’, the Hogman project would encompass:

  • Mascot Logo
  • Twitch Webcam and Stream Overlays
  • Twitch Emotes and Subscriber Badges
  • Stream Screens
  • Stream Panels
  • Social Media Banners and Profile Art
  • Animated Stream Alerts
  • Animated YouTube Intro and Outro
  • Animated Giveaway Promos

First, however, we needed to nail down an overall visual theme. The Hogman ‘name’ was well-known, and carried a great deal of design potential. We envisioned an explosive design centered around a fierce, wild boar mascot. In addition to the clear name connection, a wild boar would convey the competitive, intimidating brand personality Hogman was looking for. The mascot choice was obvious – bringing it to life would take all of our designers’ ingenuity and creativity.

Hogman VBI Stream Design

At the same time, the design would need to feature a minimalist, condensed feel. When working with esports streamers like Hogman, it’s essential to keep the design focused on the essentials, reducing layout clutter and keeping all eyes on the in-game action. Viewers tune in to competitive streamers for the elite playmaking – the last thing we want is to distract viewers away from gameplay with flashy, superfluous designs. It’s always a delicate balancing act, mixing bold, aggressive themes and patterns with a subtle, out-of-the-way layout feel.

Meanwhile, Hogman wanted to feature a color scheme reminiscent of his esports organization, compLexity Gaming. Blood-reds, midnight-black, and clean-white would provide the color palette for this project. Throughout the design, we would make heavy use of black, providing a clean background foundation and allowing the designs to ‘pop’ from on-screen gameplay. Red would provide the main accent color for this piece, injecting adrenaline and intensity to the overall ‘feel’. White would be reserved for text and secondary accents, tying the whole design together.

Considering the minimal nature of Hogman’s overlays, one of our team’s main goals was to add depth and personality to the backgrounds of his stream elements. From screens to panels to social media banners, you’ll notice similar inspirations for the backdrop design. Strong lines in blood-red cut across the view to amp up energy and momentum. Faded IRL photos feature Hogman on the esports stage, adding personality and bravado. Meanwhile, the aggressive new Hogman logo is expanded and stretches across the background view, as a direct representation of his brand. All of these would play important considerations in the design stages to come.

With the overall design theme solidified, our team split into groups to work on each of Hogman’s individual stream elements.


Our main priority heading into the project was to deliver Hogman a one-of-a-kind mascot logo. It was critical to get this right first, as the logo’s style, shapes, and color scheme would impact almost every design to come. His logo would serve as the foundation, the cornerstone of his brand identity.

From the outset, Hogman was set on a hog or wild boar-themed design. It was the natural choice, matching his IRL name and the brand name he had been building for years. Boars have a reputation for fierce, aggressive behavior, and we felt this intensity perfectly matched Hogman’s competitive personality and deadly playmaking ability. It was a unique idea that would differentiate Hogman from the crowd – it’s not every day you encounter hog-themed branding in the streaming and esports scenes.

Hogman Logo Design Concepts

The logo was born with a few early sketches. Our stream designers whipped up two initial concepts for Hogman, giving him a feel for our design style and direction. With this initial submission we were able to nail down styling (a front-facing boar with prominent tusks and menacing look) and color palette (vibrant red fur with darker shading, white tusks and eyes combined with light grey shading, and thick black outlines). The first concept featured a mane of darker red fur above the boar’s eyes, while the second went with a shaggy, more natural hair pattern.

Hogman was a big fan of the original boar design, so we began sketching out new concepts incorporating more of an esports, gaming feel and vibe. After chatting with Hogman, we agreed that this could best be accomplished by featuring the boar wearing a gaming headset. It was a direct reference to the competitive esports scene – thick, colorful headsets are one of the most iconic symbols of the gaming community. They would also add weight and personality to the design, filling in some of the empty spaces around the hog’s tusks and ears.

Hogman Logo Design Sketches

Through a series of progressive concept sketches, we were able to build the headset step-by-step. Gradually, the design began to come to life, as we added in the frame, ear cushions, and microphone. With headset in-hand, this pig was ready to wage war on the battle royale stage.

The next step was to add an iconic logotype text. The Hogman name is displayed in a bold, all-caps font, featuring thick lettering and deep black outlines to match the logo design. It was an aggressive, loud text design that matched the fierce nature of the boar logomark.

To wrap things up, we began filling in the outline with the vibrant color scheme we had originally presented to Hogman. The deep reds, whites, and blacks so iconic to the compLexity Gaming brand. The new headset is featured in charcoal-grey, to help differentiate it from the darker black outline. Finally, a dark red outline was added along the edges of the design, to add further depth and help the mascot ‘pop’ into the foreground.

Hogman Logo Design

Hogman was thrilled when we displayed the final product. An intense esports design that instantly conveyed his brand ideals and values. With logo approved, we began brainstorming ways to incorporate its styling into each of Hogman’s subsequent stream elements.


Next up, custom Twitch overlays. Hogman was looking for a clean, minimalist vibe. A subtle, out-of-the-way look featuring only the essentials, to keep viewers’ eyes on his gameplay. We wanted to feature similar patterns and colors found in the new Hogman logo: sharp, crisp lines and the iconic reds, whites, and blacks of the compLexity Gaming brand.

We started with the webcam overlay. A thin, vibrant-red border separates facecam from gameplay. The new logotype text perches atop the frame, looking down on Hogman and incoming stream information. Centered below the webcam, you’ll spot the compLexity Gaming logo, immediately connecting Hogman to his prestigious esports sponsor. To the left and right we featured social media handle information for his popular Twitter and YouTube channels.

Hogman Custom Overlays and Webcam

Directly below his webcam, we featured a separate live-feed frame for Hogman to feature his keyboard-cam. A special addition for all the would-be esports pros looking to learn from Hogman’s technique. Immediately below this box, we decided to feature his stream information indicators – specifically, Recent Subscribers and Donators. We displayed these independent from Hogman’s webcam to maintain a clean, simplistic look. Both are featured in clean white icons, contrasting well with the darker reds and blacks of the overlay frames above.

Next up, we tackled Hogman’s original, static Twitch stream alerts. In this case, we were able to maintain the clean overlay look while simultaneously ramping up energy. Thicker red lines and borders help the alerts ‘pop’ from the underlying gameplay. New stream information is featured in the bold Hogman font and text styling, while subtle red sparks flash from the corners of the alert. Lastly, we added a bit of depth to the alert background by overlaying a faded image of the new Hogman logo. These alerts would provide a critical foundation for the upgraded, animated alerts Hogman would soon receive – as you will see below.


Meanwhile, our team of ace illustrators were cooking up something special of their own. A custom package of emotes and sub badges iconic to the Hogman channel and brand. In total, we would cook up 17 different emote designs, plus a line of subscriber loyalty badges for Hogman.

This was our opportunity to add in a bit of flair to the project – designs that would convey Hogman’s unique gaming persona and sense of humor. Long-time viewers of his channel will notice a number of hidden easter eggs, in addition to a few Fortnite-themed emotes. All were illustrated in a light-hearted, airy design style, with heavy use of the iconic red color scheme used in Hogman’s branding.

Hogman Custom Twitch Emotes Sub Badges

For Hogman’s custom loyalty badges, we maintained a minimalist, iconic look. His new logo is featured, with four progressive designs to indicate subscriber tier. As the badge level increases, so too do the hog’s tusks, eventually reaching full length and attaining a golden hue.


We hooked Hogman up with a set of four custom stream screens, including:

  • Intermission Screen
  • Offline Screen
  • Stream Starting Screen
  • Stream Ending Screen

Each featured a unique layout, while maintaining the clean, branded Hogman look. Thin red lines create vibrant borders from the dark, muted background, while bold text in red and white emerge into the foreground. We featured the new Hogman logo center-stage, while also including his most important sponsor logos and social media indicators.

Hogman Custom Twitch Stream Screens

A midnight-black background provides a clean, solid background foundation from which the above layers can ‘pop’. We added depth to the screen backgrounds by featuring a collage of IRL Hogman photos, including several on-stage esports photos and one special shot with the legend, Post Malone. Meanwhile, bright red sparks splash from the corners of the screen, for an extra shot of adrenaline.


From here, our stream designers got to work on Hogman’s Twitch profile panels. Hogman wanted to keep his profile look as condensed and tight as possible, with simple, minimalist panel design. This is a popular style for many Twitch streamers, and one that our designers were well-versed in.

We started with the backgrounds. Again, we made use of the dark, midnight-black backdrop, to provide a clean foundation from which text and symbols could emerge. We overlaid a subtle, faded image of Hogman’s logo over this dark background to add a bit of depth. Thin lines create an outside border for the panels, color-matched to fit the theme of the panel (ex, purple for Discord, red for YouTube, etc). And for a bit of personality and flavor, we added subtle spark effects to the corners – again color-matched for each panel type.

Hogman Custom Twitch Panels

The bold white Hogman font emerges into the foreground, contrasting well against the black background. Bright symbols and logos provide recognizable visual indicators for each panel type. We made sure to throw in a few extra variations for each of Hogman’s sponsors and the compLexity Gaming team.

Overall, the panel design is clean and sharp, contrasting well against the standard white background of Twitch’s channel profiles.


The final stage of our Round 1 design for Hogman was to cook up some spicy, branded social media and profile art. And the stakes were high – with huge communities on YouTube and Twitter, Hogman needed a professional, one-of-a-kind design.

A more ‘personal’ approach was required here – we wanted new channel visitors to get an instant feel for Hogman’s professional pedigree and competitive nature. A large IRL photo is overlaid on the right side of the banner, featuring Hogman decked out in his compLexity Gaming jersey and gazing firmly into the camera. Just to his right lies the iconic compLexity Gaming logo and his prestigious title: Fortnite Team Captain. The combination of the two provides instant name-face recognition and clearly establishes Hogman as a decorated veteran of the esports scene.

Hogman Twitter YouTube Design

His Twitter and YouTube banners once again feature the dark black background found elsewhere in his design, with a subtle collage of IRL esports photos. In the foreground, both versions of Hogman’s logos (mascot and text) are featured prominently. In clear white text, his social media handles and sponsor information make a bold statement, tying the whole design together.


Round Two of Hogman’s stream design got started with a bang. He wanted an explosive, animated upgrade for his Twitch stream alerts. A high-energy, adrenaline-pumping design that would capture the excitement of incoming stream information. It was time for our team of pro motion designers to get their hands dirty.

We started with Subscriber alerts. As the alert triggers, the Hogman logo spins into view in a rapid, 3D animation. It comes to a stop as the hog’s eyes glow menacingly, before suddenly smashing down in an explosive bass-drop. The impact unleashes a storm of lightning and sparks, as the logo spins aside and reveals the new Subscriber name. Custom sound effects provide an atmosphere of tension and excitement. We even created a separate, golden version of the alert, to celebrate long-term subs and upper-tier subscriptions.

Meanwhile, our animators were cooking up a second stream alert type for Hogman’s stream Donations. Again, his logo takes center stage, this time exhaling a powerful blast from its nostrils, scattering dollar bills to the winds. The alert text unfolds horizontally, again emitting a supercharged lightning storm in vibrant green hues. The hog’s eyes glow an eery green, as cash rains down upon the alert. Custom cash-register SFX add flair and style to the design.
Last up, we wanted to hook Hogman up with a festive Twitch Bit stream alert. The Hogman logo lines up opposite of a cluster of bright purple bits, before rushing towards each other in a bright explosion. Neon purple electricity flies as broken bits scatter, eventually withdrawing to reveal the alert text and background. Shards of bits continue to fly through the air, as the Bit icon rotates and shines in the corner of the graphic.


Next up, it was time to switch focus from Hogman’s Twitch stream to his popular YouTube channel. One of Hogman’s main wish-list items was a custom intro and outro animation for his YouTube videos. Our team of animators went all-out, delivering an intense, branded design worthy of the Hogman name.

We wanted the YouTube intro to immediately grab hold of viewers, catching their attention and propelling them forward into the video. An explosive, fiery animation that captures Hogman’s competitive spirit, all within a few brief seconds.

The scene opens to a dark background featuring a faded overlay of the Hogman logo. An unseen fire burns below, as smoke rises and embers fly upwards. The Hogman mascot and text glide into view before merging in the middle of the screen. The logo rises and then suddenly descends in an earth-shattering bass drop. A shockwave of neon red electricity ripples outwards, as sparks and embers fly. We’re left with the Hogman logo, now back-lit by an intense red aura and gazing forward menacingly. The final product delivers the perfect mix of anticipation and energy.

Step Two: a matching YouTube outro animation. Once again, the design is rooted in a smoldering, smoky background of dark blacks and grays. Plumes of red sparks shower inwards, as two separate boxes allow viewers to proceed to the next Hogman video, or subscribe to his channel. Above, the Hogman logo peers down on the action below, flanked by his social media handles. At the bottom of the view, Hogman’s main sponsors are featured, as a final reminder of his elite esports pedigree.


In addition to stream and YouTube design, Hogman and VBI partnered up on a number of giveaway marketing images. As a world-class esports gamer, Hogman has access to some of the top gaming brands and gear in the industry – and he was looking to share the love with his community. He hit us up for help on the promo images, and we were stoked to team up with him once more.

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