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    Guide: Stream Tickers

    Stream tickers can be confusing. In this video we explain how the Muxy Ticker works, and break down how to set it up on your stream. Your followers, donators and subscribers will love seeing their name in lights once you’ve got it all up and…

  2. OBS Tutorials StreamLabs Alerts

    Guide: StreamLabs Alerts

    Alerts? Followers? Hosts? There’s a lot going on when it comes to setting up your personalized alerts on Twitch, and we get that. In this video Zach breaks it down and turns YOU into the expert. Learn how to set everything up, and be live…

  3. OBS Tutorials Adding Basic Overlays

    Guide: How to setup overlays in OBS

    OBS can be confusing! Let us do the hard work and show you how it’s done. This video series will start with the basics and we’ll work our way up to setting up alerts, animated transitions and chroma keys/green screening. Enjoy!   Overlay featured:……

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    Guide: Setting up webcam overlays

    In this installment of our OBS tutorial series, we’re teaching you how to add a webcam overlay and a video capture source FOR your webcam. Remember that we’re building your stream from the bottom up starting with the basics. Our next video will be outlining