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You aren’t a designer, but you know what you want. Custom graphics are perfect for creating a recognizable brand for your channel. Let us do all the hard work.
Take comfort in knowing you have a designer at your service from the project start, middle and end.


We will quote an estimated delivery date based on the complexity of your order. A general turnaround time is typically 30 days. There are exceptions which allow us to deliver projects sooner, such as active client participation/feedback. We will always under promise and over deliver when it comes to project timelines. If you are in a race against time, please select “Express Turnaround” towards the end of the request form.


  1. Choose your design(s). After filling out the design form with as much detail as possible, an experienced manager will get back to you shortly to answer any questions you may have & forward over the project invoice.

  2. We require half of the design cost up front to get started. If you prefer, you can also pay in full for convenience.

  3. We'll contact you via the VBI Client Portal. We'll discuss your ideas, color schemes and design briefing with you. Once we're on the same page, we're ready to proceed with designing.

  4. Our design team will keep you updated with screenshots of our progress as we go. That way there is no hidden surprises at the end of your project. Make any needed changes with your designer as progress is made.

  5. Almost done! Any fine tuning will be completed in this phase. We carefully review your feedback and make sure you are 100% happy with the outcome.

  6. Once you approve and we validate payment completion, you will receive full access to your design files and our lifetime support of the design(s).

  7. If you forget to add/modify any small changes within 30 days of receiving your design files, we will edit at no additional cost. If 30 days has passed, we assess a surprisingly small edit fee to make additional changes.

  8. We are more than happy to assist with helping you set up your new design files and testing them out on your stream or your channel. Happy streaming!


We are currently accepting orders. After submitting your order, a manager will get back to you shortly to answer any questions you may have. If you provided enough detail in your request, we’ll send over the design invoice within 24 hours of receiving your request.


Our stream packages are the most cost effective way to upgrade your stream for less.

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Animated Design

Looking to get a quote for animated design? Awesome! Please provide as much detail as possible below. Since the complexity of each animation project changes, we do not have a “one price fits all” model. We will review your request and reply to you within 24-72 hours with an estimated cost for your project.


What are we animating? Stream alerts, going live GIF or Intro/Outro/Promotional video? Provide as much detail as possible so we can get back to you with an accurate quote.

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Have access to Photoshop or Illustrator? You can purchase the design files to further modify your design at a later date if needed.

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Running low on time? Select “Express Turnaround” and let us know in your project notes when your deadline is. Express turnaround times can add up to 80% of your total design cost. If you select Express turnaround, the fee will be added to your final invoice.


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