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Free Twitch Overlays

Free Twitch Overlays, Alerts and Templates

Free Twitch overlays, alerts and templates have always been at the core of VBI. We’ve worked with a lot of newer streamers who are looking to up the quality as well as production value of their streams. Although we offer premium templates and custom design services, we wanted to make sure our visitors knew about the free Twitch overlays, panels and templates we offer. Each one of our overlays can be used as you please. If you’d like to only use one section of the overlay package, you can do so thanks to the modular design.

The majority of our clients are Twitch streamers, however our designs work perfectly with platforms such as Mixer, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming and many more!

Free Animated Twitch Overlays

Here’s a list of our free Twitch overlays, alerts and templates

Check out an all encompassing list of what free overlays and templates we offer. After you add the free item to your cart, proceed to checkout. You will be prompted for some additional information, and after that you can proceed to the download page. Scroll down to see images of each design.






Download our free Twitch overlays

Our free templates are available along with premium overlay templates that you can purchase and further customize on your stream.



Custom free Twitch overlays

Our collection of overlays are free versions of what we offer. We offer the design files for each of the projects for a small fee so we can continue to bring fresh new content to the free section. If you’re looking to further customize our free overlays or any of our premium designs you can do so without the need for design software. Check out our free design editing service to learn more.


free twitch overlay

Free Champion Webcam Slot

Free Champion Webcam Slot

Perfect for a sleek stream design look you’ve been searching for, with 17 different color options and 6 swappable icons included – consider yourself a champion when you’re streaming with this epic webcam slot.

Package includes:

  • 17 color options
  • 6 swappable icons
    • Bits
    • Donation
    • Follower
    • Music
    • Subscriber
    • Top
  • Graphic design for streamers panel




Free Animated Twitch Overlays
Pictured above: Free Animated Stream Package

Free Animated Stream Package

At VBI, our mission is to assist streamers with affordable stream design. Even if that means free. Whether you are a supporter of VBI and our mission or you are a newer streamer looking to sport professional stream design, this package is sure to impress your viewers.

Package includes:

  • 3 animated stream screens
  • 5 Alert popups
  • Animated fog asset
  • 14 different stream overlay combinations
  • 16:9 webcam slot & 4:3 webcam slot
  • Over 70 stream panels
  • 4 static stream screens
  • Graphic design for streamers panel




Free Twitch Panel Maker

Create your own free custom Twitch panels without the need for any design software. Choose your own icons, colors, text, font size and more. The possibilities are endless. Inspired by our most popular stream panels, Chroma Pro. Now the customization is in your hands!



Poseidon Twitch Overlay

One of our staff favorites, this free Twitch overlay is designed to quickly get your stream up to par with the pros. Whether you’re a new streamer or a seasoned veteran, showcase your recent tips and followers in style.


Pro tip: Create your own free Twitch overlay

If you’ve stumbled across VBI, chances are you’re looking to up your stream design game. Here’s a few pointers to help you out:

  1. Download a Photoshop trial or GIMP.
  2. Consider the game you’ll be streaming. Use a screenshot of gameplay to determine what cannot be blocked by your design.
  3. Select a color scheme
  4. Consider whats important on screen. Are you displaying your social media? New followers or donations? Make sure your overlay has a purpose.
  5. We recommend PNG 24 to preserve the best file quality and optimized .webm files for your animated overlays. No one likes a CPU hog.

Looking for more help on creating your own free Twitch overlay? Join the VBI design Discord, where there’s always someone around to bounce ideas off of.


Hazard Signal Twitch Overlay

Clean and modern top bar and webcam slot makes for the best free Twitch overlay to go with your existing yellow/orange branding. This free overlay features sections for your recent sub, top donation, latest donation/follower and sub train/count. This is a great choice for new Twitch streamers.


Pro tip: How to add scrolling text to free overlays

Adding your overlay is half the battle. Now do you know how to add “recent” or “top” text on your stream overlay? We recommend using Streamlabs (Stream Labels) or StreamElements to display your latest stream information.  For this example, we’ll be using Streamlab’s Stream Labels and OBS Studio.

Just to make sure you have test text to format beforehand, add a new text layer and adjust the text to fit within the box as you’d like. Next, you’ll want to use Stream Labels to create a new folder of all of the possible .txt files it will dynamically update. This way, it can sync with OBS Studio or whichever streaming software you’re using. From the text source properties, you will want to enable “read from file”. Next, make sure to click “browse” to select the .txt file you want to read from. Choose the appropriate .txt file and your stream information will be updated automatically as it unfolds on stream.

Looking for the full write up? Check out our support article on adding scrolling text to stream overlays.


Animated Fortnite Stream Package

We’re proud to introduce the perfect pairing for your Fortnite streams! The free Fortnite overlay replicates loot rarity colors in game, with a twist. All of the elements are animated to add to some extra flair to your channel. The stream elements can be used as an overlay or alert popup – it’s up to you! Perfect for OBS, Streamlabs or xSplit.

Each section is modular, so you’re free to arrange them in any way you’d like. This package is free and always will be.

May all of the shield potions and slurp juice drops be in your favor.



Even more free Twitch overlays

The best free Twitch overlays are unlocked on Visuals by Impulse. No design software required to customize your premium overlays. Why? Because everyone should have access to affordable stream design. That’s what drives us to continue creating. Check out the entire selection of free stream overlays on our site.

Have ideas for a new design you think we should create? Let us know! We’re always looking to up our free stream design section on the site.