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How Twitch Panels Can Help You Build Your Streamer Brand

How Twitch Panels Can Help You Build Your Streamer Brand

How Twitch Panels Can Help You Build Your Streamer Brand

Great news, guys, influencer marketing on Twitch is booming. Play your moves right, and you might have an opportunity to partner up with your favorite brand. Growing into a Twitch Partner is pretty rewarding, with the best of them earning as much as $350,000 every month.

It’s a long way to the top, though, so start working on your presence today.

In order to be eligible for Twitch Partnership, you must have a huge loyal following. In order to build that, you need to start treating your streaming like a business. That requires plenty of commitment and a strategic approach to branding. But for starters, it requires a cool panel.

Here’s how Twitch panels can help you build your influencer brand.

But first,

What Does It Take to Build a Brand on Twitch?

With your favorite game streaming platform being highly competitive, you can hardly hope to differentiate your brand if you don’t analyze your competitors first. We’ve done some snooping around for you and made a list of what it takes to build a brand on Twitch:

  • A consistent streaming schedule
  • Offering value to your audience
  • Showing your gaming passion
  • Interacting with your followers
  • Marketing across social media
  • Boosting audience engagement

In one way or another, a well-organized Twitch panel can help you check all of these boxes.

FaZe Yelo Twitch Panels Example

How Panel Templates Improve Your Twitch Brand

You know how there’s some empty space beneath your streaming display area? If you take a look at your competitors, you’ll see that they’re using it for promotion. When you become a Twitch Partner, this space will be perfect for ads, affiliate links, and other marketing stuff.

Branding-wise, this panel area is the focal point of your Twitch page.

That fact that you’re still not a Twitch Partner doesn’t mean that your panel should stay unused and empty. Quite the contrary. You should use it for your own self-promotion, to showcase who you are as a streaming persona. You should use it for introducing your Twitch brand.

How to Use a Twitch Panel to Launch Your Brand

Let’s take another look at our list of essential requirements for building a brand on Twitch. Everything from this list can be added to your channel if you make good use of your panel. This is where you add your streaming schedule, your social media links, and “about me” section.

To “offer value”, “show your passion”, “interact with your followers”, and “boost engagement”, you can include relevant buttons for support and tips, graphics and chat rules, contests and subscriptions. Your panel is ideal for each and every one of these brand-building things.

What Are The Best Twitch Panels For Your Brand?

Successful brands rely on two elements – storytelling and visuals.

The aforementioned panel buttons will help you establish a narrative and tell a story of how you are. Now you need to take care of the visual aspect of your panel, and you’re basically done. This is mainly about the color scheme that must be aligned with your logo.

Jghosty custom Twitch panels

You can always take a DIY approach (make sure you’re using the right panel size specs), but amateur work might not suffice if you’re hoping to land a Twitch Partnership. Your logo, panel, and the rest of your channel must look polished enough for brands to take you seriously.

If you want to grow your Twitch influence, remember:

You need to treat your streaming like a business. That means having a professional-looking logo on your panel, along with your consistent streaming schedule, your social media buttons, your audience engagement campaigns, and your killer “about me” section.