New site changes

New Look – Same Great Service

“Whoah, things have changed!”

..And we couldn’t be more excited about the site changes we’ve been cooking for many, many months! At VBI, we’re always adapting to the streamer’s needs, their feedback and the various ways we can further connect the streamer with their viewers.

Our website relaunch was prompted by the need for quicker page loads, easier checkout process and a better way to customize pages and forms so that it’s even easier to download your dream design or submit a custom order with us.

So what all is new?

  • Upgraded Custom Design form: The new form clearly states every step of the custom design process, a floating “order summary” to help you keep track of the cost of your order as you build it and throughout the form we capture as much relevant information so you do not have to repeat it to your designer throughout the process.
  • Upgraded PortfolioNot only has our portfolio been upgraded to easily browse through our previous projects, but we’ve updated it with our most up to date design projects.
  • About Section: Put the faces with the names and read each staff member’s story. See what we’re all about.
  • FAQ: Various upgrades to the functionality of this page. Collapsible sections allow the page to be much more organized.
  • Legendary Streamer: Introducing our monthly streamer spotlight! What makes our spotlight so different? We send free VBI apparel to the month’s Legendary Streamer in addition to featuring them on the site, Discord and our social media channels. Legendary Streamer is chosen by VBI staff on a monthly basis. We are looking for streamers who are making a positive contribution to their channel and the community as well as supporting VBI! If selected, we will reach out to you to facilitate shipping details and your details. Will you be the next to make it into the Hall of Fame?
  • Referral ProgramNew to the site, the referral program allows you to make CASH for every referral sent to VBI. Through feedback from streamers, we found that the majority of streamers are looking for some form of compensation for spreading the word of our brand. Streamers can make up to 10% cash back on every purchase that they refer to us. Make sure to register for the program and set up your profile. 

  • Sponsorship Program: Our sponsorship program has also underwent some changes that we will highlight in the coming days. If you have previously applied to our program and not heard a response since, don’t worry! We will review the applications and proceed with those who meet the requirements. We’re very excited to roll out some new changes to the sponsorship program.


Be on the lookout for more..

We will continue to make improvements on a daily basis, but the largest site changes have been completed. Spot a bug or something not working right? Shoot us a message! We would be forever grateful.

Happy streaming,