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What are Twitch panels?

Panels are specialty graphics that live on your Twitch profile. Viewers will see them when they scroll down below your main video player (or click the ‘About’ tab on mobile). They are an essential part of any profile; and a must-have for every streamer.

Most Twitch panels are short and wide, resembling a street sign or nameplate. They are static (un-animated) graphics that come in a variety of colors and art styles. Oftentimes they are labeled with large title text and may include a small icon as a visual indicator.

While some panels have straight edges and clean, 90-degree corners, this style is becoming less popular. Today, Twitch panels usually feature some sort of curve or indentation, allowing for unique shapes and styles.

Collection of twitch panels with many colors icons and patterns
Annotated Twitch Panel Isometric

Why should I use panels?

Traditionally, Twitch panels serve one of two purposes: organization or calls to action. For one, panels work great as section headers, breaking up text into readable chunks. This makes it easier for viewers to navigate your profile and locate key stream info.

Many panels also work excellently as clickable buttons. For example, you may want to link viewers to third-party websites, in order to donate or visit your social media. Twitch allows you to easily hyperlink panels — that way any time a viewer clicks your panel they’ll be automatically redirected!

Lastly, Twitch panels add a professional, aesthetic touch to your channel. When done right, they can inject color and life into an otherwise boring profile.

Illustrated spooky twitch panels

SypherPK Example twitch profile with panels

Types of free Twitch panels

There are tons of panel categories to choose from. Which are the best free-to-use Twitch panels for your channel? Need Twitch panel ideas? Here are some of the most popular options:

About Panel

About panel

Make an introduction! A free Twitch About Me panel acts like a welcome mat for new visitors. Explain (briefly) who you are, your channel goals and what games you stream.

Apparel panel

Apparel panel

Does your channel sell merchandise? If so, Merch panels provide a quick link for fans to purchase gear. For more tips, check out our esports apparel 101 guide.

Donate panel

Donate panel

One of the most important panels for any Twitch streamer. Link your Donate or Support Me panel to third-party donation sites like Streamlabs or PayPal.

FAQ panel

Find yourself answering the same questions again and again? Pin the answers to your profile for viewers to easily find — and never repeat yourself again!

PC Specs Panel

PC specs panel

Running a beefy streaming rig? Show off your battle-station in all its gory detail, from hardware to accessories. A popular choice for techies and min-maxers.

Rules Panel

Rules panel

A must-have for building healthy communities. Cut down on spam and trolls — post your chat rules for all to see. Guaranteed to make life easier for your mods too!

Schedule Panel

Schedule panel

Do you stream at consistent times each week? If so, pin your schedule so viewers know when to expect you! Include time zones for easy hour conversions.

Social Media Panel

Social media panel

Drive new social followers! You have two options: upload individual panels for each platform, or use one Social Media panel with all your handles pasted below.

Subscribe panel

Get more subs! Add a Subscribe panel and link it to your subscription page for easy access. To find your unique URL, use[USERNAME].

Are all your Twitch panels free?

They sure are. While others may charge a premium, every panel on our site is completely free. That makes us the #1 Twitch panels free download source.

So go ahead; download as many as you’d like. Try them out, pick a favorite or mix & match. We’ll continue creating new designs.

Free Twitch panels pack examples

Panels come in a HUGE variety of art styles. Anime, neon… even free cute Twitch panels! The creative themes are practically endless. Use the interactive player below to try out a few of our favorites.

blank panel slots on sample twitch profile
Pick a theme
Dark Comic

How to add Twitch panels

Uploading free Twitch panels is a breeze. See how in seven easy steps:

  • 1

    Go to your About page

    Sign in to your Twitch account on desktop. Click your profile picture in the top-right corner, then select Channel from the dropdown menu to go to your unique channel page. Now click About, right next to the Home tab.

  • 2

    Add a new panel slot

    Scroll down below your bio and click the Edit Panels toggle, which opens the panel editor. Scroll down and click the large plus (+) icon. Next select Add a Text or Image Panel, since we’ll be uploading our graphic manually.

  • 3

    Upload your free Twitch panel

    From the next window, select Add Image and navigate to your new panel files. You can only upload one panel at a time, so select one to get started. Back in the panel editor, leave the Panel Title field empty — that’s only used if you’re using text instead of images.

  • 4

    Link your panel

    If you want to make your panel clickable, paste a URL into the Image Links To: field. Remember, not all panels need a hyperlink; it’s most useful for sending viewers to third party websites, like donation hubs, merch stores or social links.

  • 5

    Add text

    Any text you add in the Description field will display below your panel graphic. Not every panel needs a description, but it’s great for things like channel rules, schedules and PC specs. Just make sure you’re using proper markdown rules.

  • 6

    Save and preview

    Once you’re done, click submit then scroll up and click the Edit Panels toggle to turn it off. Your new panel should now appear on your Twitch profile! If you want to make any adjustments, just return to the panel editor and submit your changes.

  • 7

    Rearrange or remove panels

    To change the order of your panels, make sure the Edit Panels toggle is activated. Then simply click within a panel box and drag it to the desired placement. You can also remove unwanted panels by just clicking the Remove button at the bottom of the editor. It’s as easy as that!

Can I edit my Twitch panels?

Yes, all our panels come with their original Photoshop files. Edit your Twitch panel template free of charge. All you’ll need is some basic design experience, plus Photoshop software (you can get a 7-day free trial of Photoshop here).

If you’d like to edit an existing panel — or create a brand new one — just use the PSD file included within your download. Everything is neatly layered and organized for making quick, simple adjustments.

Curious what colors and fonts were used? Check the Readme setup guide included in your package. Inside we list all color hex codes, plus download links for each font used. Many of our Twitch panel templates (PSDs) also come with matching, ready-to-use icons. So get in there and make your panels your own!

photoshop psd icon with four twitch panels

Free Twitch panel maker

Want to make custom panels? Now you can with our free Twitch panel maker tool! Create personalized panels in just a few minutes. Design them from scratch using our homemade editor. Customize backgrounds, colors, icons, text and more.

Best of all, you don’t need any design experience or expensive software like Photoshop. Build out your dream panels, with thousands of possibilities at your fingertips. In just a few clicks your Twitch panel free download will be ready. What will you dream up?

the many steps of panel creation

What makes a great panel?

dozens of colors

Dozens of colors

Find the right match for your brand palette — the more color options the better.

tons of themes

Tons of themes

Don’t get stuck with the same tired old themes. Unlock more art styles.

all the icons

All the icons

Pick from the world’s largest collection of panel icons, symbols and logos.

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

Every pack includes original PSD files, so you can make unlimited changes.


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How to make free Twitch panels

Are you a creative-type or DIY streamer? Want to create your own Twitch panels? If so, check out our how-to guide for the best Twitch panels size.

Generally, we’d generally recommend a width of 320 pixels (px) and a height between 60-100px. Technically, Twitch allows heights of up to 600px, but most panels only need a fraction of this height. We’ve found 320 x 60-100px to be the ideal Twitch panel dimensions; the ‘sweet spot’ for most streamers’ needs.

Make sure to keep your Twitch panels size below 2.9MB. Anything larger and Twitch will automatically scale down your image, which could cause display issues. Always stick to transparent PNG files, especially if your image has curved edges and indentations.

Example panel showing ideal dimensions and file size

What about tall Twitch panels?

Just because most panels are short doesn’t mean yours have to be! In fact, some of the best free Twitch panels are tall! These look like large squares or vertical rectangles — and can be anywhere from two to 10 times taller than traditional panels!

These graphics are great for informational purposes, since there’s much more room for text and images. Most commonly, they’re used for displaying chat emotes, badges, channel rules, PC specs and stream schedules. But they’re also fantastic for showcasing stream sponsors, since there’s more space to display brand logos and product photos!

tall Blue and white twitch panel examples

Ready to go?

Take your streaming journey to the next level. Download free Twitch panels — premium designs that you can be proud of.