Twitch Alerts

Ditch your boring Twitch alerts. Celebrate your biggest fans with customizable, one-of-a-kind displays.

Colorful Twitch alert symbols and shapes

What are Twitch alerts?

Alerts are animated notifications (or graphics) that appear over your broadcast. They typically appear when a viewer interacts—like tips, follows or subs—with your channel. Streamers use them to thank their top supporters, or to celebrate special events.

You can add alerts to your stream within an OBS software, like Streamlabs or StreamElements. Once set up, they’ll play automatically over your live broadcast. They come in a variety of themes and colors, and the best alerts can be customized to fit your unique brand.

Stream Alert Notification Exclamation Point
Infographic showing various components of a twitch alert

Why should I use alerts?

Twitch alerts are a requirement for any successful streamer. For one, alerts (especially animated ones) provide aesthetic value, making your channel look professional—and putting you miles ahead of the competition. They’re also an important recognition of your fans; a genuine ‘thank you’ for their contribution (nobody wants their donation to be ignored).

More importantly, alerts provide incentives for viewers to engage with your stream. For some fans, it’s about building a friendship with you—to interact on a personal level, not just as a name in chat. Or others, it’s about winning a brief moment of internet fame; getting their name upon the big screen. Regardless, without alerts your viewers have very little incentive to participate or donate, outside of pure kindness alone.

jordan fisher receives 100 gifted subs alert

Common alert types

There are many different ways a viewer can engage with your stream. Here are some of the most common Twitch alert types you’ll encounter:

two follower alert examples

Follower alert

The most basic alert type, great for new streamers. Recognize a new channel follower and make them feel welcome — they may just stop by for a future stream!

two raid host alerts

Host alert

Also called a ‘raid alert’. These trigger anytime another streamer hosts, or ‘raids’, your channel. A great way to build friendships within the streaming community!

two subscriber alerts

Subscriber alert

A must-have for every streamer. Subs are the lifeblood of any channel — treat them like royalty. A good sub alert can turn a single subscriber into an army of resubs.

two donation alerts

Donation alert

‘Dono’ alerts play any time a viewer tips your stream using third-party apps. The bigger the celebration, the more other potential donors will take notice.

two cheer bit alerts

Cheer alert

Fans can also donate using Twitch’s built-in currency, ‘Bits’. When this happens, share the limelight and shout them out with a special on-screen display!

two gifted sub alerts

Gifted sub alert

Want to build teamwork in chat? Dedicate a special alert for when viewers‘gift’ each other subscriptions. A surefire way to build a positive, loyal community.

Alert themes

Twitch alerts come in a HUGE variety of art styles and creative themes. Use the interactive player below to try out a few of our favorites.

Valorant Gameplay
Collection #1
Collection #2
Collection #3

Is setting up alerts hard?

Traditionally, setting up your alerts was a clunky, time-consuming process. Files needed to be uploaded one-by-one, while settings had to be manually adjusted. Those days are over.

With our “One-Click” technology, installing Twitch alerts is quick and easy. In just seconds, your alerts and settings are automatically applied to your OBS software. No more physical assets to upload; no more copying over settings; no more headache.

How to set up alerts

Learn to install alerts on all three major OBS software: Streamlabs, OBS Studio and StreamElements.

streamlabs app icon

Twitch alerts Streamlabs setup

Once you’ve downloaded your new alert files, save them to your PC. Open the “Alerts” folder, select “Streamlabs”, then open the “Streamlabs One-Click Setup (Twitch)” file. Log into your Streamlabs account in the newly-opened internet browser.

In the next window, create and name a new widget theme, then select it from the list of available options. This will open the Streamlabs Alert Box, which will auto-generate your alert files. After you’ve fine-tuned your alert settings, scroll down and click “Save”.

Then just copy the Widget URL and import it into Streamlabs OBS (SLOBS) as a browser source!

Twitch alerts StreamElements setup

Save your alert files to your PC, then open the “Alerts” folder. Select “StreamElements”, then open the “StreamElements One-Click Setup (Twitch)” file. This will automatically create a new overlay within your StreamElements account. Inside you’ll find all your alerts and pre-loaded settings.

Once you’ve previewed your alerts, you can make changes by clicking the “Edit” button. Click the cog wheel icon to fine-tune individual alerts, then press “Save”. When ready, click the link icon (located in the top-right) to copy your unique URL.

Paste the URL into your OBS.Live client as a browser source and you’re ready to go!

obs studio logo

Twitch alerts OBS setup

Classic OBS users have a two-step approach. Since you can’t customize Twitch alerts in OBS Studio, you’ll need to start out with either Streamlabs or StreamElements. Follow the steps above to activate One-Click setup for your chosen software. Adjust settings and copy over your unique alerts URL.

Now return to OBS Studio. Click the “+” sign under your Sources dock, then select “Browser” from the dropdown menu. Give your alerts a name, then paste your URL into the first field. You can leave the default 800 x 600 dimensions, unless otherwise noted in your product readme.

Then just hit “OK” and start testing out your new alerts!

How to customize alerts

The magic of alerts comes in their customization. Sadly, most graphics providers offer limited — or no — personalization options. Why use Twitch alerts that look the same as thousands of other streamers’?

All of our alerts come with TONS of built-in variables, meaning there are millions of possible combinations. Adjust colors, text, size, icons, patterns and speed to make a unique, one-of-a-kind look.

Everything can be tweaked using “custom fields” and our One-Click setup technology. For step-by-step guides, check out our walkthroughs for Streamlabs and StreamElements.

Alert Customization Panel with sliders and toggle settings

Twitch alert sounds

Audio is a critical part of every alert. We include custom sound effects with each product, so your alert can come to life. Best of all, our audio is mixed in-house, which means you don’t have to worry about copyright strikes or DMCA-muted VODs. Sample some of our available sound effects by picking a theme below!






Geared Up







Free Twitch alerts

Other graphics providers don’t believe in free alerts. We do. Our free packages are a great option for new streamers or creators on tight budgets. They’re also excellent for testing your PC specs — try out Twitch alerts free to see how animation files run with your hardware!

Choose from a variety of free animated Twitch alert themes, including mech warrior, artsy and more. We recommend everyone start here!

Digital red twitch alert example

What makes a great alert?

dozens of colors

Dozens of colors

Choose from pre-set colors or use hue sliders to find the perfect shade.

tons of themes

Tons of themes

Choose from popular art styles like cyberpunk, retro, space and more.

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

We think every alert should be unique. Start tweaking and make it your own!

leading innovation

Leading innovation

Unleashing technology to max out customization and simplify setups.

world class animation

World-class animation

We’re making high-quality motion design accessible to all streamers, big or small.

Custom Sound Effects

Custom sound effects

No more stock FX tracks; our audio engineers mix everything in-house.

Works With All OBS

Works with all OBS

No streamer left behind. Alerts you’ll love, no matter your software.

Multi-Platform Functionality


Our alerts include unique variants for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook.

Professional Support

Professional support

Lifetime access to our team of techies. Making alert setup easy again.



You’re in good hands. We’re trusted by over 500,000 creators and counting.

How to make Twitch alerts

Are you a creative-type or DIY streamer? If so, we have a host of resources and tips for creating your own alerts.

Check out our Twitch Size Guide for optimal specs. Generally, we’d recommend a width of 700-750 pixels (px) and a height of 200-250px. Keep file size between 2-3MB for best results. For static alerts, use transparent PNGs. If you’re going animated, stick to WEBM format (avoid Twitch alert GIF files).

Visuals by impulse stream alert example make your own

Ready to go?

Take your streaming journey to the next level. Premium Twitch alerts that you can be proud of, starting at just $8.