Sponsorship 3.0

I’m sure you have all been wondering what exactly is happening with our current Sponsorship Program. There’s a ton that has been going on behind the scenes and we’re thrilled to finally be announcing all the changes we’ve been working on for the last month and a half.

First and foremost, we’re moving away from our original system of having a blanket ‘Sponsorship’ and transitioning into a tiered system consisting of three different levels. These three levels have varying requirements and benefits, all of which is outlined below.

Affiliate – Tier 1


  • – Minimum 100 followers
  • – VBI Panel with discount code displayed


  • – 10% Discount code
  • – Special Discord role

Partner – Tier 2


  • – Minimum 3,500 followers
  • – Minimum 3 streams per week
  • – No less than 2 hours per stream
  • – VBI Panel with discount code displayed


  • – 20% Discount code
  • – Special Discord role
  • – ONE free PREMADE package of your choosing
  • – Free piece of merchandise with 20 code uses
  • – One premade giveaway a month

Sponsor – Tier 3


  • – Invitation only
  • – Minimum 9,500 followers and/or Twitch Partner
  • – Minimum 4 streams a week
  • – No less than 4 hours per stream
  • – VBI Panel with discount code displayed


  • – All tier 2 benefits
  • – Free complete custom channel graphics overhaul OR building around a current logo/theme
  • – Free merchandise item of choice
  • – Designated one-on-one support through a member of the Community Management team and a personal designer
  • – Priority on all projects — the insta-queue, baby
  • – One to two giveaways per month if requested
  • – 30% Discount code

Keep in mind that all current sponsors will be grandfathered into their appropriate tiers upon launch. You might have also noticed that Tier 3 is invitation only. Our Community Management team is constantly on the lookout for broadcasters with exceptional channel views and community engagement to extend our services to, and we’re thrilled to say we already have a few lined up!

Also, to anyone who has applied within the last month and a half — we will be going through those applications and reviewing them under these new requirements. Should you be accepted, you’ll get an email. This process takes some time, but we should have them all done soon.

One more thing! Be advised that the staff can review any channels under our umbrella at any time and that these requirements can be changed at any time without notice.

Okay, I lied. Two more things! Nobody is locked to any particular tier. It is entirely possible to rise from T1 to T2 depending on channel growth. We want to see you move up! I’ll also quickly address our referral program as well. Currently, we have a 10% cash back system that you can find on our website here. This is something you are more than welcome to use in place of your static discount code, but remember that it’s locked at 10%! The value of that code can’t be changed, which is the reason we increased the static code amounts as you climb the ranks. Just in case you were confused!

The purpose of (another) ground-up remake is to better utilize the tools that we can offer our fantastic community. We interact with tons of wonderful broadcasters on a daily basis and want to see each and every one of you succeed! We strongly believe that this program will not only push all of you to strive to the next level (literally) but it will increase the overall quality and consistency of your streams in general.

Thank you all so much for the time and dedication you put into your own personal brand, and thank you for letting us be a part of what you bring to your communities day after day.

– Zach