Changes to the Sponsorship Program

In an ongoing effort to provide the VBI community with the tools they need to succeed, the Community Management team has been hard at work making some changes to the current iteration of the Sponsorship Program. You can find the full list of changes below, and we hope that you’re just as excited as we are to see them in action!

The most notable change comes with the removal of discount codes. Moving forward we will be putting a stronger emphasis on the ReferralCandy links that are already in place. As of right now the referral codes provide the user with a 10% discount on their purchase, as well as providing you, the streamer, with 10% cash back! Designs for your friends; money for you. Pretty sweet, if you ask me.

If you haven’t yet, you can set up your referral code by CLICKING HERE.

Current discount codes will be phased out over the coming days for ALL tiers. That includes staff member and Tier 3 sponsor codes as well!

The second change that affects all the users in the program comes in some simple re-wording and base requirement tweaks.

Our current program requirement list asks that you display a VBI Discount code and panel. That will be changing to a referral code and panel, as explained above. Along with that, all members of the program will be required to use VBI graphics — period. As we stated before, you would never see a sponsored Nike athlete decked out in Adidas gear, and that policy holds true just the same here at VBI. Our designers work hard to make graphics that everyone can be proud of, so why not show them off? Failure to uphold these requirements will result in removal from the program.

A big change coming to the Partner tier is… ORDER PRIORITY! This has been requested quite a few times, and we’re happy to be able to finally roll it out. Any T2 Partner that submits a custom order will have their order pushed towards the front of the line. That’s our way of saying “Thanks for supporting us!”. We hope you dig it.

A kind of big, kind of small change coming to the Affiliate program, is a change to the minimum follower count required to be accepted. We’re upping it from 100 to 750, and I know that sounds crazy, so hear us out.

First off, all current Affiliates who haven’t quite yet reached 750 followers ad being grandfathered in. You are a valued member of the Sponsorship Program, and it would be totally unfair to kick you out. So rest easy!

The reason behind the change really boils down to dedication. Not only a dedication to building your own brand and community, but also a dedication to supporting and pushing the VBI brand forward at the same time. We’ve met a lot of content creators over past year or two, and we noticed that once a streamer breaks that 700+ follower mark that there seems to be a slight change in direction in most cases. Not necessarily a change in their end goal, but more focus is put on community, branding, and consistency. Those are some pretty core values when it comes to streaming, and we want to make sure that our paths run parallel, and we felt that this was a solid middle-ground.

And… that’s it for the changes to the program! Please remember that the Community Management team works hard to keep things fresh and exciting, but we can only do so much without the support and engagement from our killer community. If you have any ideas, questions, comments, or concerns feel free to drop them in our SUGGESTION BOX!

Thank you all for being a huge part of what makes VBI so awesome. We could not, AND would not, do it without you.


Zach and the Community Management Team