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Get paid for your graphic design skills

Welcome to the VBI artist portal, where artists all over the world earn money doing what they love.

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Designer Perks

Learn more & see if working with VBI is the right move for you.

Visuals by Impulse works with tens of thousands of streamers each year to deliver epic stream design and customer service. It takes a village of hard working employees to make our operations run smoothly. We believe that professional stream design should be available to everyone. That also includes equal opportunities for graphic designers.

Opening an e-commerce store is not impossible, in fact setting up a storefront with Shopify only takes minutes. Getting clients who are interested in your product and brand is a totally different story.

That’s why we started working with talented graphic designers who are interested in selling their pixels to us. You put in the hard work to create an amazing product and you deserve to be compensated for it. Through the VBI artist portal, you can get cash up front your designs, versus having to wait for sales to come in over time.

  • License your design with us, continue to sell on your own site and more. There’s no exclusivity or lock in agreements here.
  • Earn money doing what you love. By working with VBI, we provide a lump sum commission to you versus waiting for sales to come in over time.
  • We handle all of the customer service. We have built a rapport with our awesome clients through our support portal, social media and community.
  • We pay on a per design basis. Once your design has been approved and commission has been sent, we’re ready to work with you on your next big project.

How Does It Work?

Getting paid for your design has never been easier.

  • step-image-1

    Submit Design Form

    Provide us as much detail as possible in your submission. Be sure to neatly organize your files/PSDs and include any font files used.

  • step-image-2


    After we receive your submission, we'll crunch the numbers with you in order to get you the best possible payout.

  • step-image-3


    We will draft up a licensing agreement with the details you provide us. An e-signature will be required.

  • step-image-4

    Receive Funds

    After all parties have signed the agreement, we will send your lump sum via Paypal. Power to the creators!

What We Are Looking For

Currently interested in: stream packages, social media design and animated screens/alerts.

  • Playofthegame-Pack

    Stream Packages

    Twitch and Mixer stream packages are primarily our bread and butter. The packages we are looking for contain: 15+ panels, webcam overlays (4:3 & 16:9), stream screens (4), stream alerts, stream overlay and profile art.

  • Clean-PSDs2-1-1060×596

    Clean PSDs

    Nothing is worse than trying to navigate through a messy PSD. Before submitting your design, make sure your PSDs are organized by folder and each layer is named. Unorganized PSDs/submissions will be declined.

  • Unique-Design-1060×596

    Think Out Of The Box

    When reviewing design submissions, we look for content that is original. Colors that grab a visitor’s eyes. Designs that are current with popular game themes. The more versatility the design has, the better. Streamers should have a choice when it comes to their stream layout, it’s important to keep each portion of the overlay modular. If you have any questions prior to submitting your design, contact us.

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