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Bauble Events Animated Event ListIcon Certified


Seasonal Specials

Bauble Events Animated Event ListIcon Certified


'Tis the season. Presenting Bauble Events, a holiday event list for Streamlabs and StreamElements. This widget shouts out your latest channel supporters with Christmas flair. It's ultra-customizable, so you can decorate your stream, your way. Designed for creators on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Bauble Events received a special upgrade for the 2021 holiday season! It now includes two event list editions, each with customizable display text. The Original allows you to hand-select ornament colors. The Updated version introduces randomized holiday illustrations.

Both event lists come with one-click setup technology. That means they can be loaded up in seconds to Streamlabs and StreamElements. Need a hand setting up? Your download comes with a readme guide to walk you through install.

Bauble Events Animated Event ListIcon Certified

Unwrap a classic look

The Original event list features multicolored ball ornaments. It includes festive callouts for essential events like: new subscribers, donations, followers, cheers, raids, and more.

Customize up to eight bauble variations, each with unique colors and matching event icons. Everything can be modified using our built-in editor for StreamElements and Streamlabs.

Customize TEXT sTYLES

Want to personalize your username or event text? Both widgets come with several format settings:

  • Color: Choose custom username hues
  • Size: Scale up or down text to make it easily readable
  • Layout: Adjust text angles for style points
Bauble Events Original-Events-Loop

Add more decorations

The Updated edition packs even more holiday spirit. It comes with 12 adorable illustrations, including

  • Candy canes and ball ornaments
  • Frosted cookies and gingerbread
  • Stockings and wrapped presents

Decorations are randomly-generated with each new event. There’s no telling which will appear!

Events for all platforms

Bauble Events is a multi-platform widget. That means it includes special events for YouTube and Facebook creators, including:

  • Stars and Superchat
  • Members and Supporters
Bauble Events Updated-Events-Loop

Try it out

Ready for a test-run? Get a closer look at Bauble Events in action.

Bauble Events Background
Event Lists

Package Contains:

  • Two Event Lists
    • Updated Bauble Events
    • Original Bauble Events
  • 12 unique animations:
    • Candy cane
    • Candy cane with bow
    • Green bauble
    • Red bauble
    • Green decorated babule
    • Red decorated bauble
    • Frosted cookie
    • Gingerbread man
    • Red stocking
    • Green stocking
    • Green gift box
    • Red gift box
  • Original Event List: 8 Color Variations
  • Updated Event List
    • Streamlabs (Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube)
    • StreamElements (Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube)
  • Original Event List
    • Streamlabs (Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube)
    • StreamElements (Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube)
  • “One-Click” Setups
    • Streamlabs
    • StreamElements
  • Package Instructions / Readme File
  • There are no creative assets included within this package, everything has been created with code! All you need is within the One-Click setups.

Compatible With:

  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements

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