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From $20.00

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Endgame Stream PackageIcon Certified


From $20.00

Check and mate. Presenting "Endgame", a cinematic chess theme for your stream graphics. Overlays inspired by and The Queen's Gambit. Completely customizable, designed for grandmasters and board game legends. All the essential graphics for streamers on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

Package includes overlays, all-in-one alerts & event list widget, cinematic screens, stinger transitions, social profile art, Twitch panels and more. Comes with an install guide for easy setup on OBS, Streamlabs and StreamElements. Plus all source files and plenty of bonus content.

Includes free updates for life! Coming soon, a custom schedule widget and countdown timer.


Endgame Stream PackageIcon Certified

One widget, all your events

Shout out your biggest fans with an all-in-one stream widget. That means your alerts and event list are combined into a single display! Choose which events to track, then watch as new alerts animate over top — all in real-time.

Includes a huge selection of alerts, including YouTube- and Facebook-specific events like Members and Stars.

This widget is fully responsive, which means you can resize it to fit any stream layout. Watch as it automatically adjusts to fit any width you choose!

Includes custom sound effects — plus “One-Click” setup for Streamlabs and StreamElements. That means you can load up, personalize and import your widget in just minutes.

stream widget customization options

Unleash cinematic screens

Impress your audience with world class scenes—inspired by The Queen’s Gambit.

Start from five base screen types:

  • Match screens in six unique layouts
  • Starting Soon with 2.5-minute countdown timer
  • BRB
  • Ending
  • Offline

Then customize your screen title text — or go textless for a clean, polished look. Each screen includes multiple shots and angles to choose from.

Set up your scene collections in seconds! This pack includes our lighting-fast installer for Streamlabs and OBS Studio — in just a few clicks you’ll be up and running.

cinematic chess screen animations
All screens are 1920x1080px resolution.

Try it out

Ready for a test-run? See how our graphics perform in action.

Stream Widget
Game Screens
Be Right Back
Starting Title
Be Right Back Title
Ending Title
Solo 4 Events
Large Solo

Customize match layouts

Want to give your viewers a front row seat to the action?

Personalize your match layouts — whether you’re playing with friends or going solo. Choose from six game screens:

  • Duos
  • Quads
  • Head-to-head (versus)
  • Three unique solo variations

Each game screen comes with overlays and webcam masks. Customize your match setup and make it one-of-a-kind!

multiple chess match layouts

Bonus graphics

Endgame also includes:

  • Two stinger transitions for OBS, Premiere Pro and Final Cut — sound effects included
  • Animated screensaver for your Stream Deck (requires a free third-party plugin)
  • Twitch panels with editable text
  • Two animated backgrounds for green screens or virtual cameras
  • Profile art for your social banners, in two variations
  • Original soundtrack — DMCA-free, safe for creators

We’ve also included the original Photoshop files (PSDs), so you can make advanced design customizations.


Try the matching badges

Want some chess-themed badges for your chat? Featuring your favorite pieces—king, rook, bishop, queen, knight, and pawn. All in a classic, black-and-white-theme.

Works on all platforms: Twitch sub badges, YouTube member badges and Facebook Gaming supporter badges.

Chess Badges Thumbnail

What’s included?

  • All-in-one Stream Alerts & Events Widget
    • Dynamic animated Event List (Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube)
    • Fully responsive and customizable
  • Icons
    • Social Media Icons
    • Event Icons
  • Scene Collections
    • Zipped install folder for OBS
    • Streamlabs OBS .overlay
  • Stream Screens
    • Be Right Back
    • Starting Soon (abstract countdown)
    • Stream Offline
    • Stream Ending
    • Stream Ending Matte
  • Overlay Game Screens
    • Versus Screen
    • Solo Cast
    • Solo Cast Big
    • Duo Cast
    • Quad Cast
    • 4 Modular overlays for Chat & Player timers
    • Webcam masks
    • Move History Masks
    • Static Titles
  • Profile Art
    • 2 Profile Photo variations
    • 2 Header variations
  • One-Click Setups
    • StreamElements Alerts & Event List (Animated Only)
    • Streamlabs Alerts & Event List (Animated Only)
  • 2 Animated Stream Transitions (Animated Only)
  • 79 Panels
  • Large panel
  • Design files (PSDs)
  • Original Custom Soundtrack (Animated Only)
  • Sound Effects (Animated Only)
    • Transitions
    • Alerts
  • Package instructions/readme file

Compatible with:

  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • ..and more!




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