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Glass Stream PackageIcon Certified

From $15.00

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Glass Stream PackageIcon Certified

From $15.00

Go ahead, show off. Presenting "Glass", a smooth, polished theme for your stream graphics. Overlays inspired by frosted glass and Overwatch. Featuring glazed panels, shimmering light and cinematic style. All the essential graphics for streamers on Twitch, YouTube or Facebook Gaming.

Package includes: overlays, alerts widget, event lists, cinematic screens, stinger transitions, social profile art, Twitch panels and more. Comes with an install guide for easy setup on OBS, Streamlabs and StreamElements.


Glass Stream PackageIcon Certified

One Widget, All Your Alerts

Shout out your biggest fans with an all-in-one alerts and events widget. Choose which events to display, then watch as your alerts animate on top — with custom sound effects!

Add in a custom event list ticker to highlight recent supporters. Keep stacking with an optional stream counter, for tracking channel goals and milestones.

Includes a huge selection of events and alerts, including YouTube- and Facebook-specific events like Members and Stars. Comes with “One-Click” setup for Streamlabs and StreamElements, which lets you load up and personalize alerts in seconds.

Glass Alert Loop

Cinematic Screens & Scenes

Create your very own stream screens! Includes five main screen layouts: BRB, Starting, Offline, Ending and Intermission. Each screen has multiple shots and angles to choose from. Also includes three looping scene compilations, to give your viewers a cinematic experience.

Choose from text and text-less variations, or customize and add your own titles for a personalized look! Comes with a 5-minute timer screen, plus a timer widget — so you can set custom countdowns!

Set up your scene collections in seconds! This pack includes our lighting-fast installer for Streamlabs and OBS Studio — in just a few clicks you’ll be up and running.

Glass Dazzle your viewers
All screens are 1920x1080px resolution.

Try It Out

Ready for a test-run? See how our graphics perform in action.

Alerts Widget
Event List
Green Screen Bar
Webcam Frame
Circular Frame
Be Right Back
Starting Blank
Be Right Back Blank
Ending Blank
Starting No Text
Be Right Back No Text
Starting Scene
Be Right Back Scene
Starting Scene No Text
Be Right Back Scene No Text

Choose Your Webcam

Want to customize your webcam? Try out one of three animated variations:

  • Traditional Webcam Frame (16:9)
  • Circle Webcam Frame
  • Green Screen Bar

First time changing your webcam shape? Check out our guide for OBS and Streamlabs.

Glass WebCam Overlays

Transitions & More

Unleash colors with two unique stinger transitions, each with optional sound effects and multiple volume levels.

Glass also includes a full set of Twitch panels, plus blank files so you can create your own!

Upgrade your social art with a matching banner and profile picture — perfect for Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and your channel profile.

Comes with a bonus soundtrack, custom-mixed in-house so you’ll never have to worry about DMCA strikes.

We’ve also included the original Photoshop design files (PSDs), so you can make advanced customizations.

Glass Transitions

What’s Included?

  • All-in-one Stream Alerts & Events Widget
    • Dynamic animated alerts (Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube)
    • Optional responsive Event List
    • Optional stream counters
  • Icons
    • Social Media Icons
    • Event Icons
  • Scene Collections
    • Zipped install folder for OBS
    • Streamlabs OBS .overlay
  • Overlays
    • 16×9 Animated Webcam Frame
    • Circular Animated Webcam Frame
    • Greenscreen Webcam Bar (Front & Back)
    • Countdown Timer Widget
    • 5 minute countdown timer
  • Stream Screens
    • Be Right Back
    • Starting Soon
    • Stream Offline
    • Stream Ending
    • Intermission Screen
  • Stream Screen Compilations (Animated Only)
    • Be Right Back Compilation Loop
    • Starting Soon Compilation Loop
    • Stream Ending Compilation Loop
  • Profile Art
    • Profile Photos
    • Header
  • One-Click Setups
    • OBS Scene Collection Zip Directory (Animated Only)
    • StreamElements Alerts & Event List (Animated Only)
    • Streamlabs Alerts & Event List (Animated Only)
    • Streamlabs .overlay
  • 2 Animated Stream Transitions (Animated Only)
  • 78 Panels
  • Design files (PSDs)
  • Original Custom Soundtrack
  • Sound Effects
  • Package instructions/readme file

Compatible With:

  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • ..and more!

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