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Holiday Stream Ornaments


Seasonal Specials

Holiday Stream Ornaments


Let it snow. Introducing Stream Ornaments. All the essential holiday decorations for broadcasters. String Christmas lights along your webcam and screens — available in multiple color and animation styles! Add falling snow and frost overlays, then transition scenes with an icy stinger. Lastly, spread yuletide cheer with holly, ribbons, and candy canes.

Best of all, everything fits perfectly over your existing overlays! Just download, unzip, and import your graphics to OBS or Streamlabs. Then resize and reposition to fit your scene layouts.

Designed for creators on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Comes with setup guide and easy install, no matter your streaming software. Unbox a festive, winter theme — and celebrate the holiday season alongside your viewers!

Holiday Stream Ornaments

String holiday lights

Hang Christmas bulbs from your overlays! Stream Ornaments comes with various color and animation options:


Choose from four cheery color schemes:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • RGB Cycle
  • Multicolor


Then pick from two bulb animation styles:

  • Static: Gives off a slight glow effect, but otherwise solid
  • Flashing: Lights twinkle and shine for the ultimate celebration
holiday lights strung around stream scenes

Let it snow

Add some snowfall to your stream. Stream Ornaments comes with a set of snowy overlays, including animated and static options:


Choose from two snowdrift animations, perfect for webcams and screens:

  • Snow crystals: A heavier, mid-snowstorm look
  • Snowflakes: A light dusting of delicate flakes


Want to create a just-snowed look? Add snow piles to your webcam frame or screens, with two variations to choose from.

For best effect, combine both animated and static overlays. Create your very own winter wonderland.

2 snow overlay options

Try it out

Ready for a test-run? See how the Holiday Stream Ornaments perform in action.

Colored Lights
White Lights
Yellow Lights
Ice Transition
Corner Banner
Long Banner
Long Jar Banner
Short Jar Banner

Unbox bonus goodies

Want more holiday graphics? Stream Ornaments comes with a few extra gifts:

Stinger Transition

Send chat into deep-freeze! This icy stinger is good all-winter-long. Just import the WEBM file to OBS or Streamlabs — and switch scenes like a pro.

Yuletide Banners

Add some Christmas flair to your overlays. These illustrated banners slide in perfectly just below your camera source. Or, perch them in the corner of your webcam frame!

icy stinger transition and holiday banners

Package Contains:

  • Stream Lights
    • Flashing Light Cycle
    • Flashing Color Loop
    • Flashing Gold Lights
    • Flashing Silver Lights
    • Static Color Cycle
    • Static Gold Lights
    • Static Silver Lights
  • Snow Stream Effect
    • Fullscreen Snow Effect
    • Fullscreen Snowflakes Effect
    • Static Overlay/Webcam Snow
  • Holiday Banners
    • Corner Christmas Banner
    • Long Christmas Banner
    • Long Jar Banner
    • Short Jar Banner
  • Animated Frost Transition
  • Package instructions/readme file

Compatible With:

  • OBS Studio
  • Streamlabs & Streamlabs Desktop
  • StreamElements

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