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Hyper Event List & AlertsIcon Certified


Energize your events. Introducing "Hyper", a customizable events widget for your stream. Track all your recent activity, from followers to subs to donos and more. Custom-create your own event lists and alerts, then sync them seamlessly together.

Personalize colors, text and layout—all using our built-in editor for Streamlabs and StreamElements. Create multiple tiers for each event type, each with its own unique appearance. For best performance, pair with the Hype Meter stream widget.

Engineered for streamers on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming. Includes OBS setup guide, plus a video tutorial for personalizing your widget.

Hyper Event List & AlertsIcon Certified

Your events, your way

Track all your most important stream activity, including special events for YouTube and Facebook Gaming:

  • New followers
  • Subscribers and resubs
  • Hosts and raids
  • Donations and Bits

Includes all the essential events for YouTube and Facebook Gaming, like Members, Supporters, Stars and Super Chat.

Hyper Event List Tracking

Choose your own layouts

Alerts come in three unique display variations:

  • Top-of-screen
  • Bottom-of-screen
  • Boxed

Event list is available in two style options:

  • Vertical (stacked)
  • Horizontal
Hyper Customizeable Alerts

How to set up your design

Load up and install Hyper in just seconds. Open the “one-click” setup links within your download files—and start personalizing.

Customizable event tiers

Each event can be divided into multiple tiers. For example, donations under $10 are tier one, between $11-$25 is tier two, and so on…

Adjust tier threshold values to find the right match for your channel and audience. Then, customize colors for each event and tier!

For best effect, match tiers and values across both event list and alerts!

Hyper Changing Thresholds

Try it out

Ready for a test-run? See how the Hyper Alerts & Event List look in action.

Upper alerts
Bottom alerts
Boxed alerts
Event list
Upper Alert 1
Upper Alert 2
Upper Alert 3
Upper Alert 4
Upper Alert 5
Bottom Alert 1
Bottom Alert 2
Bottom Alert 3
Bottom Alert 4
Bottom Alert 5
Boxed Alert 1
Boxed Alert 2
Boxed Alert 3
Boxed Alert 4
Boxed Alert 5
Horizontal Event List
Vertical Event List

Pairs with Hype Meter

Want to boost viewer engagement? Custom-create your own hype gauge!

The Hype Meter increase every time a viewer interacts with your stream. Reach the next tier before the countdown runs out!

For the ultimate experience, sync tier settings across all Hype(r) designs: event list, alerts hype and hype meter!

Hyper Meter Variations Loop

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Package contains:

  • Customizable Alerts (2 Layout Options)
    • Streamlabs One-Click Setup
    • StreamElements One-Click Setup
  • Customizable Event List (2 Layout Options)
    • Streamlabs One-Click Setup
    • StreamElements One-Click Setup
  • Tutorial Video included
  • Readme Guide

Compatible with:

  • Streamlabs
  • SLOBs
  • OBS Studio
  • OBS Live
  • ..and more!

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