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Mayhem Stream PackageIcon Certified

From $15.00

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Mayhem Stream PackageIcon Certified

From $15.00

Grab some firepower. Presenting "Mayhem". A gritty theme for your stream graphics. Overlays inspired by Borderlands 3, designed for vault hunters and run-and-gun broadcasters. Industrial themes, neon glows, & toxic waste combine for an apocalyptic look. All the essential graphics for streamers on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Alerts include custom sound effects. Load up and tweak your alerts in seconds using our "one-click" setup for Streamlabs and StreamElements. Comes with a radioactive stinger transition. Recommended genres include Looter-Shooter, FPS and Survival.

Package includes: overlays, alerts, screens, stinger transition, Twitch panels, social profile art and bonus soundtrack (OST). Comes with original Photoshop design files for advanced customizations — plus setup guide for easy installation on your favorite OBS software.


Mayhem Stream PackageIcon Certified

Package Contains:

  • Alerts
    • Cheer
    • Donation
    • Follower
    • Raid
    • Subscriber
    • Re-Sub
  • Overlays
    • Greenscreen Bar
    • Webcam Frame 16:9 & 4:3
  • Profile Art
    • Circle Profile Photo
    • Square Profile Photo
    • Banner (Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Screens
    • Be Right Back
    • Intermission w/ Two Variations
    • Offline
    • Starting Soon
  • One-Click Setups
    • StreamElements Alerts (Animated Only)
    • Streamlabs Alerts (Animated Only)
  • Animated Stream Transition
  • 79 Panels
  • OST
  • Package instructions/readme file

Compatible With:

  • Streamlabs
  • SLOBs
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio
  • ..and more!

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