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Mochi the CatIcon Certified


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Mochi the CatIcon Certified


Meet Mochi the Cat. An adorable virtual pet to add to your broadcast. Mochi is a living, interactive widget that reacts to your stream activity. Inspired by Tamagotchi pets and cartoon kittens — engineered for creators on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Mochi comes pre-loaded with seven unique animations. They react to stream alerts, Twitch chat messages, and Stream Deck commands. Best of all, you can customize every reaction using Streamlabs or StreamElements. Change the appearance of Mochi's speech bubbles, set custom chat commands, or assign custom cooldowns and permissions.

Mochi comes with a themed Stream Deck icon bundle, plus custom sound effects and two Twitch panel variations. We've also included a walkthrough video to guide you through setup and personalization—so you can make your Mochi one-of-a-kind. Includes "one-click" setup for Streamlabs and StreamElements, plus Readme instructions for easy installation.

Mochi the CatIcon Certified

What are stream pets?

Stream pets are digital e-companions for broadcasters. Just like IRL critters, stream pets can be custom-trained by their owner. Once they’ve ‘learned’ new commands, your pet will automatically react to stream events — all in real-time.

Mochi is just the first of an entire series of stream pets we’ll be releasing. Before long, all your favorite creatures will come to life—and find their way to livestreams across the world. But we doubt any two will be the same!

Mochi Reactions GIF

Reacts to your alerts

Mochi can be programmed to react to your broadcast events, including:

  • New followers
  • Subscribers
  • Donations
  • Hosts

Don’t stream on Twitch? No worries, Mochi works with all the essential YouTube and Facebook Gaming events — like Members, Supporters, Stars and Super Chat.

Mochi Alerts GIF

How to set up your stream pet

Load up and install Mochi in seconds. Just open the “one-click” setup links within your download files. Once installed, start personalizing via our easy-to-use editor for Streamlabs and StreamElements.

Plays with Twitch chat

Mochi is a social butterfly — they love to interact with your viewers! You can train them in two ways:

  1. Mochi can react to chat messages, mimicking them on the big screen.
  2. They can also respond to chat commands, performing specific reactions or relaying messages.

You can even set custom permission levels for chat commands! That way you can give your subs, VIP’s, or mods exclusive Mochi perks!

*Note: Currently, Mochi does not interact with YouTube or Facebook chat.

Mochi Message Reaction GIF

Try it out

Ready for a test-run? See how Mochi the Cat looks in action.


Works with Stream Deck

Mochi also reacts to your Stream Deck commands. Push a button and Mochi will respond in real-time, for all your audience to see! Mochi supports the Elgato Stream Deck, Stream Deck XL and Stream Deck Mini.

To help with training, we’ve included a set of adorable Stream Deck icons. Each icon corresponds to a unique Mochi reaction, and can be easily applied to your profile.

You can even greet your viewers with personalized Mochi commands — all from your Stream Deck. See how in our Quick Tips video!

Now with sound effects

All your favorite reactions, now with unique expression sounds! Our audio is custom-mixed in house, so you never have to worry about DMCA.

Package contains:

  • Mochi stream pet widget
    • Streamlabs “one-click” setup
    • StreamElements “one-click” setup
  • 16 Mochi Stream Deck icons
  • 157 Twitch panels
    • 79 detailed panels
    • 78 simple panels
  • Sound effects
  • Tutorial video included
  • Readme guide

Compatible with:

  • Streamlabs
  • SLOBs
  • OBS Studio
  • OBS Live
  • ..and more!

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