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New Dawn Alerts - Star

From $8.00


New Dawn Alerts - Star

From $8.00

Cause some carnage. Presenting New Dawn: Star Edition, an explosive new alerts package. Featuring 3D animations and an iconic celestial symbol. Upgrade your alerts with some serious firepower — designed for FPS gamers on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Choose from four event types: subscriber, donation, gifted sub, and Twitch bits. Each event includes multiple alert tiers and custom sound effects. Download individually, grab the full pack, or mix-and-match with other icons!

Setting up your alerts is easy. Just import your files to Streamlabs and StreamElements. For a step-by-step guide, check out the included readme guide.

Meet the artist:

G4K Motion


New Dawn Alerts - Star

Wreak some havoc

Multi-tiered alerts

This pack comes with 9 x sub alerts, 4 x donation alerts, 5 x gifted sub alerts, and 4 x Twitch bits. That way your top supporters receive extra-special displays.

Swap up icons

New Dawn comes in multiple Editions, each featuring a different symbol. Check out Thunder, Skull, Crown, and Target. Then choose your favorite or mix-and-match.

Upgrade to MOV

By default, alerts come in WEBM format. Do you need MOV files for your video editing software, like Premiere Pro or Final Cut? These advanced formats are only included if you purchase the Full Pack variation.

Manual setup

These alerts do not come with one-click setup technology. That means you need to manually import files to Streamlabs and StreamElements.

blue star over golden chest

Package Contains:

  • Bits
    • 4 tiers
    • Sound effects included
  • Donations
    • 4 tiers
    • Sound effects included
  • Gifted Subs
    • 5 tiers
    • Sound effects included
  • Subscriptions
    • 9 tiers
    • Sound effects included
  • Product Readme

Compatible With:

  • Twitch
  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements

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