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Oni Realm Stream PackageIcon Certified

From $15.00

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Oni Realm Stream PackageIcon Certified

From $15.00

Get your talismans ready. This demonic pack is built for streamers and content creators. Overlays inspired by the traditional Japanese Oni. Featuring animated screens, camera overlays, and social media assets. All the essential graphics for creators on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.

Package also includes alerts, stinger transitions, and much more. Comes with an install guide for easy setup on Streamlabs, StreamElements, and OBS Studio. Plus Photoshop and After Effects source files, so you can edit text or make advanced color changes.

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Meet the artist:



Oni Realm Stream PackageIcon Certified

Dark animations

This popular figure in manga and anime is the famous demon of Japanese culture. To please fans of this style, this package was completely inspired by one of the best known Yokais!

Fire, kanji, and the powerful face of the Oni will transform your stream. Featuring traditional Japanese style and a strong red and black color palette.

Loaded with features

Oni Realm is packed with more assets and options:

  • 4 animated screens including Starting, BRB, Ending, and Intermission — plus static Offline screen.
  • 12 animated alerts with sound effects
  • 16:9 camera overlay with modular stream labels
  • Stinger transitions (WebM and MOV) with sound effects
  • 42 Twitch panels
  • Profile and banner art for your social media

Want to change text on static screens and more? Use the source files inside (Photoshop, After Effects, and fonts).

What is “One-Click” Setup?

Set up in minutes

One-click alerts

Install on easy mode. These alerts are upgraded with one-click setup technology. That means there are no physical assets to import to OBS. Instead, your files and settings are applied automatically in just a few seconds.

To start, click the one-click setup file in your download. This loads up your alerts in Streamlabs or StreamElements. Use custom fields to personalize your alert appearance. Once done, copy over the custom URL as a browser source in OBS.

Scene collections

This pack also includes an automatic scene installer. This imports your screens and overlays in a few clicks, no manual setup needed:

  • OBS Studio: Locate the .JSON file, then drag it to your C Drive (C:). Import as a new scene collection in OBS.
  • Streamlabs Desktop: Import the .overlay file to load up your scenes instantly.

What’s included?

  • Alert assets
    • Alert base WEBMs and AE File
  • Icons
    • Social media icons
    • Event icons
  • One-click setups
    • Streamlabs alert box (Animated Only)
    • StreamElements alert box (Animated Only)
  • Scene collections
    • Zipped install folder for OBS
    • Streamlabs OBS .overlay
  • Overlays/webcam frames
    • 16×9
    • Greenscreen/overlay bar
  • Profile art
    • 2 Profile pics
    • Headers for social pages
  • Stream screens
    • Starting soon
    • Be right back
    • Intermission
    • Stream ending
    • Stream offline
  • Animated transition (Animated Only)
    • MOVs
    • WEBMs
  • 42 Panels
  • Going live image
  • Design files (AE Project and PSDs)

Compatible with:

  • OBS Studio
  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements

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