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Pride Event List & Stream FlairIcon Certified

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Seasonal Specials

Pride Event List & Stream FlairIcon Certified

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Love is love. Introducing "Pride". A heartfelt new theme for your stream graphics. Animated overlays inspired by Pride Month and LGBTQ celebration. Pride features an animated event list, stinger transitions, stream overlays and webcam frames. All the essential graphics for streamers on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Show your support with a dynamic event list for Streamlabs and StreamElements. Shout out your latest subs, followers, donos and more with multicolored flag animations. Choose from a selection of flags for any sexual orientation — or custom-pick colors to create your own! Includes our "one-click" setup technology, which lets you load up and personalize your event list in seconds.

"Pride" also includes over 450 animated and static overlays, each in tons of variations like: gay, bi, lesbian, trans and more! Pick and choose your overlays from: 11 webcam variations, 3D hearts, stars, flags, rainbows and special pride callouts. Everything is built 100% modular, which means you can create custom layouts — just click, drag and snap elements into place!

Also includes 11 animated stinger transitions, so you can build momentum when switching scenes.

Comes with original Photoshop design files for advanced customizations — plus a setup guide for easy installation on your favorite OBS software.

Pride Event List & Stream FlairIcon Certified

Package Contains:

  • Event List (11 variations of each + custom colors)
    • Twitch
    • YouTube
    • Facebook Gaming
  • One-Click Setup
    • Streamlabs Evebt List
    • StreamElements Event List
  • Overlays (11 variations of each)
    • Animated Hearts (Loop)
    • Animated Flags (Loop)
    • Animated Composition of Heart with Flags (Loop)
    • Animated Rainbow (Loop)
    • Various Static Hearts
    • Various Static Stars
  • Webcams (11 variations of each)
    • 16×9 Webcam w/ Alternate Variations
    • 16×9 Bottom Bar Webcam
  • Call-outs
    • #PrideMonth on-screen :60 looping CTA (2 versions)
    • PRIDE Rainbow Text
  • Animated Stinger Transitions
    • Aromantic Transition
    • Asexual Transition
    • Bi Transition
    • Gay Transition
    • Gender Fluid Transition
    • Genderqueer Transition
    • Lesbian Transition
    • Nonbinary Transition
    • Pan Transition
    • Poly Transition
    • Pride Rainbow Transition (WEBM, MOV)
    • Trans Transition
  • Design files (PSD & PSB)
    • Flags
    • Overlays
    • Webcams
  • Package instructions/readme file

Compatible With:

  • Streamlabs
  • SLOBs
  • OBS Studio
  • StreamElements
  • Lightstream
  • ..and more!

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