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Prismatic Stream PackageIcon Certified


From $15.00

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Prismatic Stream PackageIcon Certified


From $15.00

Dare to be bold. Introducing Prismatic, a vibrant theme for your stream graphics. Inspired by PlayStation gaming and iridescent shapes. Featuring customizable screens, dreamy overlays, and personalized alerts. All the essential graphics for creators on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.

Package includes webcam frames, green screen overlay, stinger transitions, custom sound effects, social profile art, and more. Comes with an install guide for easy setup on OBS, Streamlabs, and StreamElements. Plus all source files, bonus content, and free lifetime updates!


Prismatic Stream PackageIcon Certified

All screens are 1920x1080px resolution.

Dream up screens

Prismatic allows you to custom-build scene layouts.

Modular overlays

Each screen element can be controlled separately. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a background scene
  2. Drag individual overlays into OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop
  3. Reposition and resize elements to fit your layout
  4. Keep adding graphics or remove as needed — it’s that easy!

Ready-to-use screens

Rather skip right to streaming? Load up a pre-built scene layout, including:

  • Stream starting
  • Intermission (4 variations)
  • Be right back
  • Stream ending
  • Offline

Each is hand-created by our team of experts!

three alert variations with custom field settings

Shape your alerts

Personalize your alerts from the following settings:

  • Title and text: Craft custom thank you messages in any language
  • Animation style: Choose from three unique shape sequences
  • Backing circles: Turn on or off the background ring animations
  • Alert volume: Adjust the built-in sound effects volume, or mute to upload your own

How to personalize alerts

Edit everything from your streaming software — all it takes is a few clicks.

  • Streamlabs: Open your alerts, then click the Custom Fields tab to edit
  • StreamElements: Use the Settings tab in the left sidebar to start personalizing

Once you’re done, copy over the custom URL as a browser source to OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop.

Try it out

Ready for a test-run? Check out what Prismatic looks like in shape.

Alert 1
Alert 2
Alert 3
Intermission 1
Intermission 2
Intermission 3
Intermission 4
Transition 1
Transition 2
multiple webcam frames and green screen overlay
This pack uses image masks. Check out the guide for setup instructions.

What else is inside?

Irridescent overlays

Change up your webcam with multiple frame styles — traditional, circle, vertical, square, and more. Also includes an animated bar overlay for green screen-users. Plus a chatbox and event panels to shout out your top supporters.

Stinger Transitions

Put on a show with two colorful stingers. Available in WEBM format for streamers and MOV for video editors.

Sound effects

Unleash custom audio for your alerts and transitions. Each sound comes with multiple volume levels. Guaranteed DMCA-free and creator-safe.

Twitch panels & profile art

Includes over 75+ panel templates, plus profile art for your social banners (Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook).


Personalize your design further using the Photoshop files inside. This allows you to edit overlay text and make advanced customizations — to create something truly your own.

What is “One-Click” Setup?

Fast, easy setup

One-click alerts

Install on easy mode. Prismatic‘s alerts are upgraded with one-click setup technology. That means there are no physical assets to import to OBS. Your files and settings are applied automatically in just a few seconds!

Just click the one-click setup file in your download. This loads up your alerts instantly in Streamlabs or StreamElements.

Scene collections

Prismatic also includes an automatic scene installer! This allows you to import screens and overlays in a few clicks — no manual setup needed!

  • OBS Studio: Locate our zip installer in your download files, then drag it to your C Drive (C:). Import as a new scene collection in OBS
  • Streamlabs Desktop: Import the .overlay file to load up your scenes instantly

Need step-by-step instructions? Click below.

Package contains:

  • Alerts
    • 3 unique alert animations
    • Streamlabs One Click-Setups
    • StreamElements One-Click Setups
  • Icons
    • Social Media Icons
  • Scene Collections
    • Zipped install folder for OBS
    • Streamlabs OBS .overlay
  • Overlays
    • 16×9 Webcam (Static)
    • Circle Webcam Frame (Static)
    • Green Screen Webcam Frame (Animated)
    • Stream Label Event Panels
  • Modular Stream Screens
    • Be Right Back
    • Starting Soon
    • Stream Offline
    • Stream Ending
    • 4 Intermission Screen Layouts
  • Profile Art
    • Profile Photos
    • Headers (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook)
  • One-Click Setups
    • OBS Scene Collection Zip Directory (Animated Only)
    • StreamElements Alerts (Animated Only)
    • Streamlabs Alerts (Animated Only)
    • Streamlabs .overlay
  • 2 Animated Stream Transitions with multiple volumes (Animated Only)
  • 79 Panels
  • Design files (PSDs)
  • Sound Effects
  • Package instructions/readme file

Compatible with:

  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements
  • OBS Studio




What People are Saying

2 years 8 months 16 days ago

Love ittttt

Love ittttt

Carlos D
2 years 10 months 12 days ago

Absolutely perfect for my rebranding

Absolutely perfect for my rebranding


All Reviews

2 years 8 months 16 days ago

Love ittttt

Love ittttt

Carlos D
2 years 10 months 12 days ago

Absolutely perfect for my rebranding

Absolutely perfect for my rebranding

2 years 10 months 16 days ago

Although its super cool. The free...

Although its super cool. The free ones are also super cool and 30 dollars is not a cheap purchase for a lot of people. i Think my setup is pretty beefy as well as i literally get 500 down and 500 up and animations lag a lot most of the time but it still looks good and i cant take that away from this package


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