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Piloting the dark abyss. Captain a space station with this sci-fi stream pack. Overlays inspired by future-tech and interstellar grunge. Featuring an alert and events widget, customizable goal meter, and color control. All the essential graphics for creators on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.

Package includes camera overlays, screens, stinger transitions, social art, and more. Comes with an install guide for easy setup on OBS, Streamlabs, and StreamElements. Plus all source files, bonus content, and free lifetime updates.

Spectre Stream PackageIcon Certified

Voyage into deep space

Color customization

Spectre is built to support any color scheme. Use filters within OBS or Streamlabs to change your overlay hue.

How it works

Applying color filters takes six steps:

  1. Import your design files to OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop
  2. Select the overlay source you’d like to alter
  3. Right-click and select Apply a Filter
  4. Choose the Color Correction filter
  5. Adjust the color hue as needed
  6. Repeat the process with other overlays

Need an in-depth walkthrough? Check out the complete guide.

webcam color shift
This pack uses image masks. Check out the guide for setup instructions.

Futuristic alerts and events

Install an all-in-one widget, inspired by AI technology.

Custom Alerts

As you stream, the widget cycles through glyph icons. With each new event, alerts glitch and transform into view.

Customize their appearance in Streamlabs and StreamElements:

  • Turn on and off alert icons
  • Choose how long alerts should display
  • Change the time between icons

Dynamic Event list

A scrolling event list displays your most recent supporters. You can adjust your event list width, change its vertical alignment, or even deactivate it.

Adjust your layout

This widget is responsive. Drag, drop, and resize to fit your scene layout. Combine it with your webcam, or show it independently.

Unique events for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.

Try it out

Ready for a test-run? See how this pack’s graphics perform in action.

Idle Animation
Alert Animation
Horizontal Goals
Vertical Goals
Intermission Cam
Intermission Greenscreen
Intermission Vertical

Built-in goal meter

Smash your community goals. Create milestones for events like donations, subscribers, or followers. Once installed, the widget tracks and updates your progress live.

Customize appearance

Change your goal appearance using options in Streamlabs and StreamElements:

  • Swap between horizontal and vertical layouts
  • Show or hide text, change text size
  • Adjust meter height and width
  • Choose custom colors using hue filters

Attaches to your webcam

Combine your webcam and goals. The widget snaps to all three camera frames — classic (16:9), vertical, and green screen. Or, detach your meter and place it wherever you’d like.


Download bonus content

This pack also comes with:

  • Animated screens like Starting (with optional countdown timer), BRB, Intermission (multiple variations), Ending, and Offline
  • Camera overlays in 16:9, circle, vertical, and green screen variations
  • Track matte transition in both MOV and WEBM format
  • Sound effects for alerts and transition
  • Twitch panels in two variations, traditional and tall
  • Profile art for your social media banners

Your download also includes original Photoshop files (PSDs). Use these to make advanced customizations to your design.

transition panels and social art
All screens are 1920x1080px resolution.

Set up in minutes

One-click widgets

Install on easy mode. Both widgets are upgraded with one-click setup technology. That means there are no physical assets to import to OBS. Instead, your files and settings are applied automatically in just a few seconds.

To start, open the one-click setup file in your download. This loads up your widget in Streamlabs or StreamElements. Use custom fields and settings to personalize your appearance. Once done, copy over the custom URL as a browser source in OBS.

Scene collections

This pack also includes an automatic scene installer. This imports your screens and overlays in a few clicks, no manual setup needed.

  • OBS Studio: Locate our zip installer in your download files, then drag it to your C Drive (C:). Import as a new scene collection in OBS
  • Streamlabs Desktop: Import the .overlay file to load up your scenes instantly

See how with our step-by-step user guide.

What is “One-Click” Setup?

What’s inside

  • Icons
    • Social media icons
    • Event icons
  • One-click setups
    • StreamElements alert box (Animated Only)
    • Streamlabs alert box (Animated Only)
    • StreamElements goal bar (Animated Only)
    • Streamlabs goal bar (Animated Only)
  • Scene collections
    • Zipped install folder for OBS
    • Streamlabs OBS .overlay
  • Overlays/webcam frames
    • 16×9
    • Circle frame
    • Vertical frame
    • Greenscreen foreground and background
  • Profile art
    • Profile picture
    • Headers for all social pages
  • Stream screens
    • Starting soon
    • Be right back
    • 3 Intermission variations
    • Stream ending
    • Stream offline
  • Animated transition (Animated Only)
    • MOVs
    • WEBMs
  • 79 Panels
  • Larger info panel
  • Design files (PSDs)
  • Package instructions/readme file

Works with

  • OBS Studio
  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements




What People are Saying

6 months 14 days ago

Gives so many new ideas to...

Gives so many new ideas to how to pair it with what games to play with it!

George U.
10 months 8 days ago

Absolutelly stunning overlay! Would be awesome...

Absolutelly stunning overlay! Would be awesome if we could get the .aae files for animated one.

Adam Jicha

All Reviews

2 months 14 days ago

Excellent little package. Just wish I...

Excellent little package. Just wish I could edit the photo files without having to get photoshop.

5 months 23 days ago

Awesome visuals wish there was more...

Awesome visuals wish there was more though, like chat and alerts and widgets. A lot of packs with the same price have a lot more included. But the aesthetic is friggin kewl.

6 months 14 days ago

Gives so many new ideas to...

Gives so many new ideas to how to pair it with what games to play with it!

George U.
9 months 2 days ago

Great design. Would have been nice...

Great design. Would have been nice if it had a chat box and separate alert box though. A variation without the 'Spectre 2027' animation on the ending screen would have been interesting too, as it makes it look as if that's your Twitch username looping while it's not. Other than that, very pleased with it. More designs with this inspiration please.

10 months 8 days ago

Absolutelly stunning overlay! Would be awesome...

Absolutelly stunning overlay! Would be awesome if we could get the .aae files for animated one.

Adam Jicha
1 year 1 month ago

I love it... I'm sad there...

I love it... I'm sad there is no chat box though.. but this is a fun Stream Overlay. I hope to purchase more in the future


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