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From $40.00

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Cascade Stream PackageIcon Certified


From $40.00

Put on a show. This white overlay pack is built for creators. Designs inspired by sports broadcasts and cascading animations. Featuring personalized alerts and background scenes — plus a customizable After Effects template*. Choose from two variations:

Standard: Classic white overlays, plus all the livestream essentials. Includes camera overlays, alerts, screens, transitions, backgrounds, panels, and social art. Plus Photoshop source files and free lifetime updates.

*Premium: Everything in Standard, plus After Effects support. Make advanced changes to your design from our easy-to-use template. These include full color control, more text customization, and logo stingers.

Both versions include an install guide for easy setup on OBS, Streamlabs, and StreamElements. Supports Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming.


Cascade Stream PackageIcon Certified

Clean, white overlays

changing screen backgrounds
All screens are 1920x1080px resolution.

Modify your screens

With Cascade, you can custom-build scene layouts.

Personalize your background

Your screens include built-in transparency. That means you can add custom videos or images to scenes. All it takes is a few steps:

  1. Select a scene within OBS or Streamlabs
  2. Add a video or image source to your scene
  3. Layer your new source behind the screen
  4. Reposition until you find the perfect fit

Edit screen titles

Each screen comes with adjustable text. You can reposition your titles or translate them to different languages — all from Streamlabs or OBS Studio.

Want to customize your titles further? Upgrade to Premium to unlock even more options.

Reshape your alerts

Custom-create notifications using these fields:

  • Title text: Craft custom thank you messages in any language
  • Text size: Adjust scale for your title and amount text

Supports events for all streaming platforms — including Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

How to personalize alerts

Edit your alerts in a few easy clicks. It’s all done from your streaming software:

  • Streamlabs: Open your alerts, then click the Custom Fields tab to edit
  • StreamElements: Use the Settings tab in the left sidebar to start personalizing

Once done, copy over the custom URL as a browser source to OBS Studio or Streamlabs Desktop.

Try it out

Ready for a test-run? See how this pack’s graphics perform in action.

Cheer Alert
Donation Alert
Follower Alert
Subscriber Alert
Transition 1
Transition 2
transition panel camera overlay and social banner
This pack uses image masks. Check out the guide for setup instructions.

Unbox more designs

This pack also includes:

  • Camera overlays for your webcam (16:9, 4:3, 1:1, and vertical) and green screen
  • Stinger transitions in two variations, including both MOV and WEBM files
  • Animated backgrounds for your green screen or video calls
  • Matching panels for your Twitch profile
  • Profile art for your social media banners

Want to customize your design further? Open the Photoshop file inside and make it your own!

What is “One-Click” Setup?

Don’t stress the setup

One-click alerts

Install on easy mode. These alerts are upgraded with one-click setup technology. That means there are no physical assets to import to OBS. Instead, your files and settings are applied automatically in just a few seconds.

To start, click the one-click setup file in your download. This loads up your alerts in Streamlabs or StreamElements. Use custom fields and settings to personalize your alert appearance. Once done, copy over the custom URL as a browser source in OBS.

Scene collections

This pack also includes an automatic scene installer. This imports your screens and overlays in a few clicks, no manual setup needed.

  • OBS Studio: Locate our zip installer in your download files, then drag it to your C Drive (C:). Import as a new scene collection in OBS
  • Streamlabs Desktop: Import the .overlay file to load up your scenes instantly

See how with our step-by-step user guide.

after effects appearance settings

Enhance your design with After Effects

Want to unlock more customization? Upgrade to Premium and receive a ready-to-use template for Adobe After Effects.

Your template unlocks advanced settings, including:

  • Complete color control
  • More screen title and text options
  • Transitions with logos

It’s easy to use. And no, you don’t need to be a design pro. All you need is After Effects and some basic knowledge.

What’s included?

  • Alert assets
    • Alert base MOVs and WEBMs
  • Icons
    • Social media icons
    • Event icons
  • One-click setups
    • StreamElements alert box (Animated Only)
    • Streamlabs alert box (Animated Only)
  • Scene collections
    • Zipped install folder for OBS
    • Streamlabs OBS .overlay
  • Overlays/webcam frames
    • 16×9
    • 1×1
    • 4×3
    • Vertical
    • Greenscreen foreground and background
  • Profile art
    • 2 Profile pics
    • Large and small headers for social pages
  • Stream screens (dark and light versions)
    • Starting soon
    • Be right back
    • Intermission
    • Stream ending
    • Stream offline
    • 4 Animated blank backgrounds
  • 2 Animated transitions (Animated Only)
    • MOVs
    • WEBMs
  • Customizable AE template (Animated Only)
  • 79 Panels
  • Larger info panel
  • Design files (PSDs)
  • Package instructions/readme file

Compatible with:

  • OBS Studio
  • Streamlabs
  • StreamElements




What People are Saying

1 year 1 month 12 days ago

just perfect!

just perfect!

1 year 3 months 13 days ago


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4 months 26 days ago

Not as advertised unless you want...

Not as advertised unless you want to rebuild the overlay yourself. The sizing is wrong its not 1080 and 720p respectively. The obs import is missing part of the overlay stingers, the slob's version is missing complete scenes of the camera overlay that the obs version has. This is not the normal quality we expect and usually get from VBI most these issues could have been fixed and avoided if someone actually bothered to test the overlay.

1 year 1 month 12 days ago

just perfect!

just perfect!

1 year 3 months 13 days ago


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