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World of Warcraft Icons


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World of Warcraft Icons


Adventure across Azeroth, now from Stream Deck. This pack includes a 15-key profile, plus 110 custom icons. Crafted by iConCity, inspired by the legendary MMO, World Of Warcraft. So you can stop memorizing keyboard shortcuts — and turn your Stream Deck into an action bar.

Profile: Want to skip straight to experience farming? These pre-programmed keys contain all the essential abilities. Mapped to in-game hotkeys and ready to use. No setup needed, installs in seconds.

Icons: Based on in-game actions like casting spells, using emotes, targeting players, controlling your zoom, navigating UI, and more.

Works with Stream Deck, Stream Deck XL, Stream Deck MK.2, and Stream Deck Mini.

Meet the artist:

James R

World of Warcraft Icons

Setting up your designs

To install profiles and icons, start by opening your Stream Deck app.

Installing profiles

To import, go to Profiles from the Preferences window. Next, select the down-arrow icon and choose Import. Finally, open your file to load up the profile.

Installing icons

First, drag a Hotkey action to an open Stream Deck key. Then map your hotkey to the in-game keyboard shortcut. Lastly, select your icon, choose Set from File, and upload the new file.

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Package Contains:

  • 110 Total Icons
    • Custom designed icons
  • Stream Deck Profile included

Compatible With:

  • Stream Deck
  • Stream Deck XL
  • Stream Deck Mini

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