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Unlock Stream Design Discounts with VBI Rewards

You rep VBI like a rockstar. We see you, and you deserve to be rewarded. That’s why we’re proud to unveil the NEW VBI Rewards and Referral Program. Unlock design discounts for your unique  brand and stream like the pros.

From premade overlays, to stream logos and emotes, to custom Twitch and Mixer graphics, soon you’ll be racking up rewards to unlock that sweet, sweet design gold. And we’re going to show you how in this quick introduction. For a deeper dive into the nitty-gritty details, be sure to check out our new Rewards Program Guide. But for now kick back, pour yourself a spirit, and prepare your finest doggo memes. Things are about to get spicy.

VBI Rewards Hype

Earning Rewards: Upgrading Your Channel Visuals On Autopilot

Sounds great, now enough with the marketing jargon. How does it actually work? Don’t worry, we’ll feed you baby bird.

Introducing PIXELS. Like any great video game adventure, the VBI Rewards system runs on a single resource. Why ‘Pixels’? If you’re familiar with graphic design basics, you know each image contains countless thoughtfully-arranged pixels. A master designer manipulates pixels to create form and meaning, much like a dark mage’s staff channels death and destruction. Also, we think ‘pixels’ sounds pretty darn kawaii. (✿◠‿◠)

As you complete actions (such as connecting on social media, referring friends, purchasing stream design, etc), you’ll earn Pixels. And as your Pixel stash grows, you can turn them in for epic stream design discounts. Pretty straightforward, yeah? No 200 IQ needed.

As you earn more Pixels you’ll level up your VIP Status, allowing you to rake in even more rewards than the common pleb. For example, once you reach Silver VIP level, you’ll earn 7 Pixels for every $1 you spend on the VBI stream store – versus 5 for Bronze level. Meanwhile, Gold VIP status rakes in a face-melting 15 Pixels per $1. It’s our way of rewarding the veteran VBI supporters and making you feel like a God-Tier RPG behemoth.

To make it even easier, your Pixels are tracked via an interactable widget on the VBI Storefront*. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to see your current Pixel total, view completed and uncompleted actions, and track your progress towards unlocking various rewards.

*Note that the widget is only visible from the VBI Storefront. Click the SHOP button on our website’s navigation bar and the widget will pop-up in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

Now let’s take a brief look at one of the most powerful tools at your disposal, Streamer Referral.

Referring Friends: Share With Streamers And Rack Up Bonus Rewards

Let’s be honest. We’ve all got that one friend still rocking Microsoft Paint-level stream graphics. THIS. IS. SO. SAD. Send them our way – we’ll knock $5 OFF their order and upgrade them with professional, top-tier channel design. And you’ll earn 500 Pixels to redeem on the VBI marketplace, just like that.

It’s easy. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a personalized referral link. Just share it with friends and have them drop your name at Checkout. Not only will you gain major friend points, you’ll earn a boatload of Pixels yourself. Like some sort of fly, design wingman / wingwoman. What a legend.

And that’s not all (insert Flex Seal meme here). Paste our VBI Referral Panel on your stream profile (or website, social media, etc) along with your personal embedded referral link. You’ll get rewarded every time a member of your community clicks on your panel and makes a purchase on our store.

VBI Rewards Panel

Now for the good stuff. No, not more doggo memes. Design worth bragging about.

Unlocking Your Rewards: What Can I Redeem My Pixels On?

Short answer: everything. Long answer…

Premade Stream Overlays and Graphics

Your rewards can be redeemed across our vast collection of ready-to-rock stream graphics. No wait necessary – these bad boys can be downloaded and installed the same day. Each comes neatly organized, and setup & customization are a breeze (no Photoshop or design skills necessary). From event lists to mascot logos to animated transitions, stream overlays, and more, this is your one-stop-shop for graphics upgrades.

Looking for a few places to start? Here are some of our most popular 2018 designs:

Custom Stream Design

The big leagues. Personalized, one-of-a-kind designs to match your unique streamer brand. That’s right playa, your rewards will unlock epic discounts on custom stream design. Our team of professional designers, illustrators, and animators will work with you every step of the way to make your brand vision a reality. We’ve worked with broadcasters and content creators on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook Live, and more – and we’re always up for a new challenge.

What sort of designs can our team whip up? We’ve featured some of our favorites on our Portfolio, but our most popular custom work includes:

  • Stream Overlays
  • Animation
  • Logos
  • Emotes & Sub Badges
  • Stream Screens
  • Illustration
  • Stream Alerts
  • Social Media Design
  • And much more.

Wrapping Up: Start Earning Today

Well there you have it, folks. Whether you’re a small-, mid-sized, or established-streamer, VBI Rewards has something for everyone. Got a question? Leave a comment below or drop us a line via our Contact Portal – visit our Contact Page or tap the icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen to use our Messenger.

And as mentioned earlier, if you’d like to take a deeper dive into the logistic of the new program, check out our brief Rewards guide.

Get out there and start earning, fellow kids. Let’s team up to make some stream magic.