Profile Rings

Profile pictures are boring. Stand out and get noticed with Twitch profile rings. Customize colors and download in just a few clicks.

What are Twitch profile rings?

Profile rings are colorful highlights that encircle your profile picture. The solid, bright borders contrast sharply versus traditional profile pics. Rings are added using a third-party tool, exported to your desktop or mobile device, then re-uploaded to Twitch.

Streamers use profile rings as indicators to show when their channel is live. For example, many creators color-code their rings — green for online and red for offline. They simply swap in-and-out profile pictures, each time they go live or end stream.

Additionally, profile rings work as a great discoverability tool for your broadcast. Because of their eye-catching design, profile rings stand out in the Twitch browser and app UI. That means viewers are more likely to spot your stream in the desktop sidebar — or while browsing their mobile feed. And more eyes means more clicks, which means a chance to grow your audience.

Add a ring to your Twitch profile

Get started by entering your channel name below. Then toggle the live indicator to switch ring colors.

Profile Rings

How to use Profile Rings

  • 1

    Find your channel

    To begin, enter your channel name. The tool will automatically search for your channel in the Twitch database. After a few moments, your profile picture will appear. If it doesn’t, make sure to check for any misspellings.

  • 2

    Select a ring color

    Toggle the live indicator to change your profile ring color. As a rule of thumb: green means live, while red is offline. Later, we’ll add more color options, so you can select custom ring hues.

  • 3

    Export and save

    Once you’re ready, click the Export button. A few moments later, your new profile picture will begin downloading. Once it’s ready, save the image file to your desktop or mobile device.

  • 4

    Repeat the process

    We recommend saving out two profile picture variations, one for Online and another for Offline. To do so, toggle the live indicator in the opposite direction, then export and save out the alternate image file.

  • 5

    Find your profile settings

    From desktop, visit Log in, open the Creator Dashboard, and navigate to Settings > Channel > Brand > Profile Picture. Alternatively, you can visit your channel page and click the Customize Channel button.

    From mobile, open the Twitch app. Click your profile picture in the top-left corner. Then navigate to Account Settings > Account > Edit Profile > Profile Picture.

  • 6

    Change your profile picture

    For best results, swap profile rings each time your channel status changes. For example, add your Online profile picture when you start streaming. Once you’re finished, change to your Offline variation. The more consistent you are, the more effective your rings will be!

Add rings, stand out

Try out Profile Rings and get discovered. Your broadcasts will never be the same.