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What is Super?

Super is a first-of-its-kind tool for streamers and video editors. It allows anyone to create professional overlay animations — no matter your channel size or budget.

All you need is a few minutes to customize a design. First select an animation template, then personalize its appearance. Once ready, download and save your file to your PC. Finally, import your file to OBS or video editing software.

Super is easy to use, lightning-fast, and ultra affordable. Best of all, you can customize nearly every aspect of your super’s appearance. Adjust colors, text and images — then preview your changes right before your eyes.

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Start creating

To get started, select a super type and animation template. Log in or create a VBI account, then load up on Credits—or paid tokens. See how to use the Super Maker here.

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What kind of supers can I make?

Supers come in many forms—including text, images and animations. As this tool grows, you’ll unlock new super styles, including: merch and channel CTAs, countdowns, giveaway timers, and sponsor templates.

How it works

  • 1

    Log in

    If you haven’t already, create a Visuals by Impulse account. While you can preview supers without one, you’ll need a VBI account to submit a super for processing.

  • 2

    Pick a template

    When you’re ready, select a template to get started. Browse the available super categories — hover over a template to preview its animation.

  • 3

    Stock up on Credits

    If you haven’t already, purchase some Credits. This is required to submit a super for processing. A single credit usually costs $5, or you can save by buying a bundle. Learn more about super credits here.

  • 4

    Edit your design

    Start customizing! Personalize text, media and settings to make your super one-of-a-kind. As you change information, your super will update before your eyes! To start over, click the Reset button.

  • 5

    Save your changes

    Need to step away? At any time you can click the Save Changes button and return to your super later. To see all active projects, click the Your Library tab.

  • 6

    Submit your super

    Once you’re ready, click the appropriate button. Add to Cart allows you to work on additional templates, while Buy Now immediately burns one credit to process your super.

  • 7

    Wait a few minutes

    Your super will need time to fully process. Wait times vary depending on queue length and design complexity. Generally, most supers should render within a few minutes. To track your progress, visit the Queue tab.

  • 8

    Download your file

    When your super is ready, it will appear in the Downloads section of the Queue tab. Click it, save your video file locally, then test it out!

  • 9

    Re-edit, if needed

    Need to make a change? Don’t worry, all processed supers are saved in the Your Library tab for easy adjustments. Premium templates include one free edit—further changes will require an additional credit to process.

  • 10

    Collect more animations

    Make more supers! We add new categories and templates often, so check back to see all the latest animations.

three screens and camera

What are super animations?

Today, supers are an essential part of any creator’s toolkit. But they actually originate within filmmaking and broadcast television. In fact, supers are one of the earliest forms of visual effects—dating long before our digital age.

The term “super” comes from the word “superimposed”. That’s because supers are layered above background visuals. Back in the day, filmmakers achieved this effect using mirrors. Eventually this gave birth to the modern overlay.

Today, you don’t need mirrors to make a super. In fact, you can create your own in a few clicks. Our Super tool pays homage to the innovative storytellers of yesterday, pioneers of content creation.

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How do Credits work?

“Credits” are tokens that can be redeemed to unlock Premium supers. Each Credit usually costs $5. Once purchased, it is added to your account. However, the more Credits you purchase at once, the better deals you’ll get:

  • 10 Credits cost $35, or $3.50 each (a 30% discount)
  • 25 Credits cost $50, or $2.00 each (a 60% discount)

If you want to create lots of supers, you’ll save by purchasing Credit bundles—instead of buying each individually.

Frequently asked questions

Not seeing your question answered? Check out the complete Super support guide.

How long does it take to process a super once I have purchased it?

Processing time varies based on a number of factors. These include queue length (how many users are ahead of you), super type (Premium supers generally process faster than free ones) and design complexity (the more advanced the template, the more rendering power will be needed). Many supers will render in under a minute, while others can take between 2-5 minutes to finish.

What video format will my super be? Can I choose a particular file format?

Supers can be processed and downloaded in either MOV or WEBM formats. Generally, we’d recommend WEBMs for OBS software versus MOV for video editing.

You can select your preferred file format before submitting a super for processing. Choose correctly, otherwise you’ll have to resubmit your super in the right format—which will cost an additional Credit. (Tip: alternatively, you can use your single, free re-render to process the other format).

What streaming software do supers work in?

Supers work on all major OBS software, including OBS Studio, Streamlabs, StreamElements, XSplit and more.

What video editing software will my supers work in?

Supers work in most—if not all—NLE editing applications, including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. We suggest using MOV format for your video projects, whether you’re a creator or filmmaker.

Will my supers work on Mac?

Yes. If you are a Mac-user, we suggest processing your super as a MOV format.

How do I add my super file to OBS?

Supers work just like animated stream overlays. Within your OBS software, locate the “Sources” tab. Click the “+” button to add a new source, then select “Media Source” and open your super file. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your video file into OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS. Once your super appears on-screen, you can adjust its size and placement to fit your needs!

Can I make a super from my mobile device?

Yes, you can submit a super for processing from your mobile device. However, we recommend downloading your file to desktop before adding it to OBS or a video editing software.

How long are my supers saved? Are they ever removed?

Forever! Your supers—including saved templates and processed supers—will never be removed, unless your VBI account is deactivated.

Can I preview supers before processing or buying them?

Yes, feel free to customize and preview super animations as much as you’d like. However, note that you’ll need to be logged in to save changes to a super template.

How long do my credits last?

Forever! Credits don’t have an expiration date and are tied to your VBI account. You never have to worry about them disappearing, unless your VBI account is deactivated.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like my super?

Once a Credit is spent on a super, it is final. We do not offer refunds on processed supers. However, you can experiment, tweak and preview supers as much as you’d like. That way you can be 100% confident with your design before submitting it for processing. If you have questions before submitting a super, our support team is happy to assist.

Do I need to worry about DMCA takedowns due to super sound effects?

No, all our sound effects are mixed in-house and free to use. You’ll never have to worry about your audio content getting flagged.

Do I need a license in order to use supers in my content?

No, supers don’t require a license—as long as you are logged into the tool from a legitimate Visuals by Impulse account. Supers may not be redistributed in any way, whether sold or given away for free. Feel free to use supers on all your content, whether it be live or produced.

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