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Twitch Banner Size 2021 Guide

Twitch Banner Size 2021 Guide

A guide to twitch banner sizes

Designing your own Twitch artwork? If so, you may be wondering, “What’s the best Twitch banner size?

After all, who says you can’t create your own Twitch banner? Each year, hundreds of thousands of streamers upload their own artwork to Twitch. Designing your own graphics can save you hard-earned money. More importantly, you’ll be left with a one-of-a-kind brand that viewers can rally behind. So why not tap into your creative side and give it a shot?

Before starting however, you’ll need to prepare your canvas. And that means knowing the right Twitch banner sizes. The ideal dimensions, file sizes and formats for your graphics. Get something wrong and you could wind up with a blurry, pixelated image on your Twitch profile (and some very confused viewers).

It also means knowing the difference between the two main banner types, Profile Banners and Video Player Banners. Each banner has a very different purpose, and yet they are often confused with one another. A mistake here can have a devastating impact on your Twitch channel growth.

That’s where we come in. Consider this the ultimate Twitch banner size guide, made for DIY creative-types and professional designers alike. It’s backed by our 50+ team of artists and broadcast engineers. We’ve done the research and testing so that you don’t have to.

It’s also been made with the latest, up-to-date information – including a 2020 bombshell Twitch UI update that changed the way we look at Profile Banners forever.

What is the Best Twitch Banner Size?

We’ve found the best Profile Banner dimensions are a width of 1200 pixels (px) and a height of 480px. While Twitch technically recommends a width of 900px, we suggest designing wider for better scaling on large screens. Keep your file size below 10MB and stick to either JPEG or PNG format.

Another common Twitch banner is the Video Player Banner. For this graphic, our testing shows that 1920px x 1080px (or a 16:9 aspect ratio) works best. Again, 10MB is the maximum file size and we recommend either JPEG or PNG.

We’ll show you why these Twitch banner sizes work best in a moment, but first…

What are Twitch Banners?

There are two main Twitch banner graphics: Profile Banners and Video Player Banners.

Profile Banners

Profile Banners, sometimes referred to as ‘Cover Images’, used to be one of the most important graphics for any Twitch channel. These graphics stayed pinned to the top of your channel, whether you were online or offline. As one of the first things viewers saw on your channel, they served as an excellent brand introduction. They were often used to display logos, social media handles, stream schedules and more.

Then 2020 happened. A massive Twitch UI update changed the game, throwing the old rules out the window. Profile Banners no longer held a privileged position at the top of your channel. Instead, they were banished to obscure locations on your offline page and Twitch mobile. Their new role is that of a glorified background wallpaper, and that means simple patterns and background colors work best. Yesterday’s banners with baked-in logos and text suddenly look very out of place in 2021.

side by side view of 2019 and 2020 twitch profile banners
Side-by-side of 2019 vs 2020 profile banners, following recent Twitch UI updates. While Twitch banner size hasn’t changed, a new design approach is needed.

If you’re a long-time streamer, it’s probably time to update your profile banner to fit the new platform UI. Or, if you’re creating your very first profile banner, you’ll need to keep the new meta in mind while designing. Luckily, Twitch’s size specifications have not changed, which means the dimensions, file size and formats remain accurate in 2021.

[Editor’s Note: For more on these banners check out our complete Twitch Profile Banner Guide. You’ll see what’s changed, where they now appear, our top design tips, free mockups and more – including some great Twitch banner ideas for beginners.]

Video Player Banners

This second type of banners, often called ‘Twitch Offline Banners’ or just ‘Offline Screens’ are another essential graphic for all streamers. They appear only when you’re offline, displaying as a static (un-animated) image over your video player. They don’t appear if you’re hosting another channel while offline. They also won’t show if you’re playing VODs (past broadcasts) on your offline page.

Lonzo example Twitch offline screen with anime character
Custom creation for VBI client, Lonzo, showing the recommended Twitch banner size.

Video Player Banners act like an ‘away message’, welcoming viewers to your channel while notifying them that you’re currently offline. When creating your Offline Banner, it’s smart to include things like your social media handles, so viewers know where to continue the conversation with you. Streamers also love to include their broadcast schedules on these banners, so viewers can quickly find out when you’ll be live next.

Twitch Profile Banner Size

Considering how much Profile Banners have changed over the past few years, it’s important to review ideal file specifications.


A height of 480 pixels is required for these banners. While other Twitch graphics – like panels – allow you to experiment with different heights, profile banners have a strict cap. Anything taller or shorter than 480px will be automatically scaled. And that’s bad news, considering your image could see a loss in quality (especially if you designed it too short).

With width however, there’s a lot more wiggle room – and you’re going to want to take advantage of it. Technically, Twitch recommends a width of 900px, although most streamers go far wider. Here’s why:

900px will look just fine on small and normal-sized screens. That includes mobile devices, tablets and standard monitors. However, on larger, high-resolution screens such as TVs or ultrawide monitors, your image is going to be stretched far beyond 900px. And that can cause severe distortion, leaving you with a blurry, grainy banner image.

example profile banner showing best dimensions and file size

To counter this, we recommend increasing width to 1200px. This allows for better scaling on wider screens, leaving you with a crisp, clean banner at any resolution. Anything wider than 1200px is probably overkill.

File Size & Format

The maximum file size for Profile Banners is 10MB. Exceed that size and Twitch will automatically compress your image, which can lead to image distortion and artifacting.

You shouldn’t have any issue staying below 10MB. If you’re a newer designer (or DIY artist) and struggling to minimize file size, be sure to brush up on compression techniques. You’ll find it’s quite simple to create beautiful, high-res images while still keeping file size below even 1MB!

As for file format, it’s best to stick to either JPEG or PNG. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. In reality, you won’t notice a performance difference at this size.

One last note. Technically, Twitch says it accepts GIF files. Don’t think this means you can upload animated banners to your channel (sigh… maybe someday). Unfortunately, Twitch will just take the first frame of your animated GIF, treating it like a static image and putting all your motion design work to waste. We’d suggest just avoiding GIFs altogether unless you want to be left with a pixelated mess.

Twitch Video Player Banner Size

Comparatively, Offline Banners are far more straightforward. Their specifications haven’t changed much over the years, and we don’t see them changing anytime soon. Nevertheless, it’s easy to get things wrong if one of your specs is off. Let’s review.


Remember, the Twitch video player box is 16:9, so any banner you create will need to match this aspect ratio. For that reason, most streamers go with dimensions of 1920px (width) x 1080px (height). This leaves you with a large, high-res canvas that still looks great on larger screens.

example offline screen showing best dimensions and file size

Anything smaller than 1920 x 1080 and your image risks being stretched and distorted on larger displays. Anything larger will either automatically scale down or unnecessarily increase your file size.

File Size & Format

The specs look pretty similar here. Don’t exceed 10MB file size, or else you’re going to have to deal with Twitch’s auto-compression. And trust us; you don’t want that.

Stick to either JPEG or PNG; whichever you prefer best. Avoid GIF format; Twitch (sadly) does not accept animated video player banners.

Start Creating

Once you’ve got the correct Twitch banner sizes, it’s time to start creating. If you’re a DIY streamer, this can be an intensely personal experience; forging something you and your community can be proud of. For new artists, Twitch banners are an excellent medium for honing your skills and getting noticed in the esports community.

If you’d rather trust your banner design to the pros, we’ve got your back. All of our stream packages come with premium Profile and Video Player Banners included. Pick a theme and color, download your assets, then upload them to your Twitch channel. It’s as easy as that! We even have dozens of free options available – for creators on a budget. There’s a reason over 200,000 streamers have turned to us as their preferred Twitch banner makers.

If you’re creating more stream graphics yourself, check out our Twitch design 101 guide. You’ll find all our best recommendations for:

  • Twitch overlay size
  • Twitch emote size
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  • And much more

Now get out there and make some banner magic. Share your creations with us on Twitter; we’d love to see what you dream up!