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Twitch overlays from VBI are designed to showcase your social media, followers, stream goals and more. Our handcrafted overlays transform any stream into a professional, world class production.


VBI is not associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with
Twitch or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

what is a stream overlay?


WHAT IS IT? A stream overlay is designed to show off your sense of style and personality. Also building a better brand presence for your channel in the process. It’s a part of what makes your channel unique. Overlays can display follower, subscriber, donation, cheer, music and goal information on screen. Social media is another valuable item to add to your overlay. It’s a great way to drive awareness to your social channels since all eyes are on your broadcast. Now, stream overlays can be used in a number of different ways. They can be used around your webcam, modular sections to display stream information or your entire window with cutouts for chat/game play. Overlays are either static or animated. Typically, a static overlay is a transparent PNG file and an animated overlay can be a MP4, MOV, WebM or GIF file. The graphic is designed to sit over your game/window capture or webcam.

HOW DO I USE ONE? StreamLabs OBS (SLOBS), OBS and xSplit is the most common software used to stream on PC or Mac. Using these programs to apply your overlays among many other key elements to your stream is simple. Setting up an overlay is as easy as adding an image layer, choosing your overlay file and fine tuning the positioning. Check out our video tutorials that walk you through the process of adding stream design as well as setting up your alerts.

FREE OVERLAYS: Strapped for cash or just getting started? Check out our free stream graphics section. Check back often, we’re always adding new content!

WHAT ABOUT PS4 AND XBOX STREAMERS? It’s easy to add overlays to your console streams as well. The only difference is, you will need a capture card to import your gameplay. If you’re looking for which capture card to buy, GamesRadar has a great article on the best capture cards for streaming.

Hover over each section below to learn more.

Recent event list shows your recent events such as followers, subscribers, or donations. VBI can customize your event list through CSS or overlay customization.

Webcam overlays pair with or without a green screen. In this example, a green screen is used and the overlay is placed underneath. Twitch streamer, inspectre_jeff is displaying recent cheer & top cheer.

This overlay is the focal point of the stream. It displays the logo, stream goals, top donation and recent followers/subscribers. Let your viewers see their name and donation accolades on stream for all to see.

Adding your chat feed on stream is optional, but it allows your viewers who may have just tuned in catch up on the conversation. Chat feeds can also be built into your overlay design, just ask!


What makes VBI a streamer’s number one stop for design?


No design software needed

Everyone should have access to professional stream design. That's why we offer free editing services on any design purchased from our store. Yes, really.


Game compatibility

Our handcrafted overlays work with any game you are streaming thanks to modular overlays. Each section can be moved to fit your layout.


Professional quality

All of our designs are created by seasoned graphic design veterans who are also fellow streamers. So, we know a thing or two about quality and attention to detail.


Always helpful

You can count on us when you have a stream or design question. Unlike other sites who sell design templates and ghost you afterwards, we're here to see your channel succeed. There's always someone available via our Discord.

Getting started is easy

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    Choose Your Design

    Select the perfect design from our storefront.

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    Complete the checkout process through our secure site.

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    Our designs are easy to edit. All design files are included. If you don’t have Photoshop, we’ll edit your design at no additional charge.

  • 4


    Upload your design to your favorite streaming service and enjoy the stream quality of a professional.


No design software required.

Cyberpunk Stream Package

Stream Package


Edge Stream Package

Stream Package


Falcon Stream Package

Stream Package


Breaking News Bumper

Stream Transition


Dread Stream Package

Stream Package


Gears Stream Transition

Stream Transition


Black Panther Logo

Premade Logo


Ancestor's Bane Logo

Premade Logo


Dark Assailant Logo

Premade Logo


Goblin Logo

Premade Logo


Gargoyle Logo

Premade Logo


Arbor Dragon

Premade Logo


Emerald Hunter Logo

Premade Logo


Cosmos Stream Package

Stream Package


Cat's Meow Emotes

Premade Emote


Deep Terror Logo

Premade Logo


Frontier Stream Package

Stream Package



We love working with streamers to customize their stream design. No project is too big or small. Take a look at some of our services offered below that best suits your channel needs.

  • Unicorn Emotes


    No emote minimums required

    $35 EACH
    • Loyalty badges
    • Subscriber badges
    • Cheeremotes
  • Logo Design

    Mascots, wordmarks & emblems

    STARTING AT $400
    • Apparel
    • Business cards
    • Stream design
  • Animated Twitch alert


    Alerts, screens, intros & overlays

    STARTING AT $200
    • FORMATS:
    • .WEBM
    • .MP4
    • Alpha channels & more!
  • Stream Design

    Cam overlays, panels, & more

    • Bronze Stream Package
    • Silver Stream Package
    • Gold Stream Package


VBI has worked with thousands of streamers to create designs they’ve always thought were unattainable. When it comes to Twitch overlays and your channel design and appearance, we think everyone should have access to professional and affordable design.Take a look at our portfolio to see what we’ve created for other streamers like yourself.