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What Are Streamlabs Widgets and How to Add Them?

What Are Streamlabs Widgets and How to Add Them?

What Are Streamlabs Widgets and How to Add Them

Details are key to becoming a Twitch superstar. The more of these tiny boxes you check, the higher your influence grows. We needn’t remind you that skills are the number one qualification criterion, but we need to warn you that that’s nowhere near enough. You need more to become a Twitch superstar.

Think engagement, interactivity, and experience.

As a Twitch influencer, you must be able to offer something exciting and unique. All that jazz requires a good branding strategy, which necessarily includes impeccable design. Design serves to grab the attention with visual cues, but also to keep your followers engaged and excited.

One of these design elements and a box you absolutely must check is a Streamlabs widget.

Here’s what it is, how to add it to your stream, and which one is the best:

What Are Streamlabs Widgets?

Streamlabs widgets come in all shapes and sizes – as alerts, chat boxes, and event lists, just to name a few. Streamlabs boasts around ten of these streamers’ little helpers, but all of them have the same purpose – to enrich the viewing experience, boost engagement, and make your brand a bit more unique.

They can be used beyond Twitch’s digital boundaries, on YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook live.

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It’s worth mentioning that Streamlabs widgets come with a built-in tracking system that generates streaming reports. Stats by platform give you important insight into how many viewers you have, what’s your engagement rate, and which of the streaming channels you use boasts the biggest audience.

Here’s what’s at your disposal:

  • Alertbox (greets your viewers with on-stream notifications)
  • Event List (presents your channel’s most recent events into your stream)
  • The Jar (catches bits and tips)
  • Chatbox (integrates your channel’s chat into your stream)
  • Donation Ticker (features recent donations to your viewers)
  • Donation Goal (presents a target for viewers to help you reach)
  • Credits (helps you recognize loyal fans in credits)
  • Loyalty (engages your viewers by rewarding them with points for watching)

How to Add Widgets to Streamlabs

Aspiring streamers often ask us how to add widgets to Streamlabs, so here you go:

Go to the Streamlabs website, explore the various types of widgets available there, and choose the one you’d like to have. Then navigate to this link, which offers in-detail, step-by-step video guides for every widget, regardless of what broadcaster you’re using – Streamlabs, Xsplit, OBS, or Gameshow.

The Best Streamlabs Widgets

Our favorite type of Streamlabs widgets is the Event List because we think it is the most convenient and important widget you can have on your stream. We don’t dare say that others are any less important, but they are mainly for kicks. This one tells your fans crucial information – when to come back next.

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And out of all Event List Streamlabs widgets, the following three take the cake:

  • Streamer Loot Animated Event List
  • PolyColor Animated Event List
  • Cyber Animated Event List

These are all part of stream alerts packages which allow you to display your latest followers, tippers, subs, and more, but also to customize alert colors, font, and other visual elements to match your streaming brand. Needless to say, they are easy to install and setup.

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