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When one chapter ends…

When one chapter ends…


We kept a secret from you. A big one. Ready for it?

Visuals by Impulse is shutting down. On January 1st, 2024, our virtual doors close forever.

But there’s something much, much bigger on the way.

It’s called the Elgato Marketplace. You’re going to love it.

In fact, Marketplace is in open beta right now. If you’re reading this from your computer, create an account and start exploring. You’re one of the first to see what’s coming.

A first look at the Elgato Marketplace

Don’t worry, your VBI product files are safe and always will be. Later, we’ll help move your entire account — including your products — over to Marketplace in a few easy steps. But more on that soon.

That said, you probably have a lot of questions. Let’s start with the big one.

What is the Elgato Marketplace?

Marketplace is a world of digital assets. 

It’s your YouTube intro, your After Effects project, your podcast audio, and your PowerPoint presentation. It’s everything that shapes your online identity — all in one place.

Here’s just some of what you’ll soon find on Marketplace:

  • Stream Deck plugins, profiles, and icons
  • Overlays, emotes, and alert widgets
  • Transitions, backgrounds, and video templates
  • Voice effects, sounds, and music

Best of all, Marketplace connects to your favorite apps. That means faster installs and less file management.

See a profile you like? Add it to Stream Deck in seconds. Want a microphone equalizer? Install it in Wave Link with a few clicks. It’s that easy.

Not only that, Marketplace is our way to introduce community Makers. 

What’s a Maker? 

At its core, Marketplace is a space where anyone can share their art, code, audio track, or productivity hack. As you browse, you’ll see products by talented third-party sellers, or “Makers” — all verified by Elgato. Makers can even earn money from their product sales!

That said, the arrival of Marketplace means the end of Visuals by Impulse. It was not a decision we took lightly.

Why we’re closing down

Just over two years ago, we shared big news — VBI had joined the Elgato family. Since then, we’ve been hard at work building a new kind of creator marketplace. The Elgato Marketplace. 

What we didn’t share was that VBI’s story was drawing to a close.

Why build something that meant the end of everything we knew? Because we believed in the mission.

Since starting VBI seven years ago, our mission hasn’t changed. We set out to empower streamers with great design. And in doing so, we hoped to uplift a community of broadcast artists and developers.

Marketplace can do all that and more.

With Marketplace, creators can express themselves not only through design but also through their workflows, video, and audio. Meanwhile, Makers have the ability to not just earn extra income — but to make a living doing what they love.

And for us, that’s the ultimate motivation.

But there’s still more that drives us.

The magic is in the Makers

Backed by a community of Makers, Marketplace can accomplish more than VBI ever dreamed. How so?

Of all the challenges VBI faced, demand was the biggest. That’s because in the design space, there’s an endless variety of tastes and preferences. There are always more themes, styles, and colors to create. No matter how hard we tried, it was impossible to keep up with customer demand. 

Over time, we realized that VBI alone can’t design for all — or even a majority of — the creator community. 

In fact, no single company or team can, no matter their resources.

But Makers can.

Because of their diversity, Makers can design for more styles and react quicker than we ever could. Collectively, Makers can offer creators the choice and personalization they demand.

All they need is the right platform to back them up.

So in that sense, our job at Marketplace is more than just creating products. It’s to create a supportive, trusted environment where Makers can get noticed, build a brand, and earn income. If we can empower Makers with the right tools and reward innovation, the entire space gets uplifted.

Together we can accomplish more. 

And that fills us with hope and excitement for the future.

Why you’ll love Marketplace

There’s so much to love about Marketplace. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Quick install: Tired of manually installing assets to Stream Deck and Wave Link? With Marketplace, equip profiles and voice effects with a few clicks. No more managing directories or uploading files. Browse, install, and use digital assets in seconds — all in your Stream Deck or Wave Link app.
  • More products: Expect to see even more of the designs you love. A lot more. No longer is your choice of design limited by our team’s resources. Powered by the infinite creativity of Makers, Marketplace offers a wider selection than ever before. And not just of graphics but also plugins, video templates, sound effects, and more.
  • More community: Love the work of creatives like StreamSpell, GETREKT, PremadeGFX, Streamsight, and SideshowFX? On Marketplace, there’s a world of talented artists and builders like these to explore — each with their own special abilities. And as more Makers join the ecosystem, you’ll discover new ways to personalize your content.
  • Less searching: Tired of browsing across various third-party websites? Marketplace brings together your favorite vendors and digital assets in one place. Spend less time managing browser tabs and navigating product libraries. Instead, discover the best designs with a single search — then sort, filter, and browse as much as you like.
  • A name you trust: We know downloading assets from third-party websites can be a scary experience. With Marketplace, rest easy knowing each product is tested and scanned for malware by Elgato. And when it’s time to make a purchase, buy with confidence using Stripe — the payment processor trusted by Fortune 500 companies like Google and Amazon.
  • One account, everything Elgato: For the first time, Marketplace connects your favorite Elgato apps and devices. Create an account to download assets and sync them directly to Wave Link and Stream Deck. Then visit your account hub to manage products, set communication preferences, and even redeem perks with our brand partners.
  • More innovation: To inspire new ideas, Marketplace has a secret weapon called Frameworks. These are open-source tools, developed by Elgato then released to the Maker community. By removing the need to code, Frameworks help Makers access and personalize innovative new technology. Best of all, Makers can distribute anything they create with these tools — offering customers new ways to enhance their content.
  • More OBS: We love OBS Studio and we know many of you do too. With Marketplace, Elgato is investing heavily in the platform — both in resources and development. That said, Marketplace products and frameworks are built to be experienced in OBS. We’re already working on new ways to control your sources and scenes, so stay tuned.
  • More educational content: Through our new Learn section, and Elgato Workshop channel
  • Become a Maker: Want to share your product with the world? Easily make money or build your brand selling designs, profiles, and much more. The sky is the limit.

And a whole lot more. 

So what can I do, right now?

For now, we recommend getting familiar with Marketplace. Create an account, explore assets and Makers, and experience the ease of quick install. 

Later, we’ll share instructions to move your VBI account and products over to Marketplace in a few quick steps.

That said, the Marketplace transition will take place in three broad stages.

Stage one – open beta: Now through July

Welcome, founders! Before you dive into Marketplace, there are a few things to know.

First, you can currently only access Marketplace from your computer. Later this year, we’ll add support for your mobile devices and tablets.

Don’t worry, once you’re done exploring you can easily restore the current app version if you’d like.

Stage two: August public release

Full support across various Elgato apps, and some exciting surprises for Makers who have been crucial throughout the entire Marketplace development process.

Stage three: VBI closes December 31 and on

The end of one chapter, but new adventures await within the Elgato ecosystem.

What’s coming next?

  • Maker Console
  • Counters return: Back in 2020, we introduced counters so creators could track their wins in realtime using hotkeys. With Marketplace, counters are back and redesigned from the ground up! Best of all, we’ve made our code open-source — so Makers can create counters of their own using our framework with little to no programming needed!
    We even have plans to create direct win counter integration using Stream Deck plugins, although that comes later.
  • Documentation will be hosted via going forward – all frameworks will be posted here when available
  • Mobile support
  • Product reviews
  • OBS deeplinking + synced with the Elgato account
  • Localization
  • More frameworks (Companions, Goal widgets, Instant replays, alerts, mini games, frameworks for Stream Deck assets such as SD+ backgrounds)
  • Stream Deck + touch strip backgrounds (including animated)
  • Stream Deck Mobile faceplates (including animated)
  • More Stream Deck screensavers
  • Camera Hub LUTs + filters
  • EpocCam lenses + AR
  • New account features (e.g., displaying Elgato devices)

Answering your questions

What happens to my design files?

Your design files are safe and sound. Later, we will share instructions to move your VBI account to Marketplace in a few easy steps. Once complete, your VBI products will automatically appear in your Marketplace product library.

In the meantime, you can continue to access your account files here on the VBI website. However, on December 31, 2023 this website will no longer be accessible. If at that point you haven’t yet moved your account to Marketplace, contact Elgato support to recover your files.

Note that your Super and Transition Maker templates will not be transferred to Marketplace.

Where can I get the latest news about the Marketplace move?

We will send news and reminders to the email associated with your VBI account. 

If you previously unsubscribed, search your inbox history for an email from Use the footer link to reactivate your subscription and stay up to date.

You can also follow us on Twitter and check back here for website banner notifications.

Can I still find VBI products on Marketplace?

Yes, most VBI products can also be found on Marketplace, listed under the Elgato Maker name.

Some older products — especially those with outdated design files — may no longer be available.

What about my Super and Transition Maker templates?

Your templates will remain accessible until December 31, 2023. On that date the Super and Transition Maker tools will disappear forever. 

Later, we’ll remind you of the upcoming Super and Transition Maker deadline. For now, make sure to download and back up your templates for safekeeping. 

What happens to my Super and Transition Maker credits?

For now, your Super and Transition Maker credits are safe and sound. You can continue to purchase credits and use both tools until December 31, 2023.

On that date, any unused credits will disappear forever.

How much do Makers earn per sale?

Makers take home 70% of sales revenue after taxes and transaction fees.

Are Marketplace Makers exclusive?

No, Makers can continue to distribute products on their own websites and other platforms.

How do I become a Maker?

Soon we’ll unveil the Maker Console, along with a signup form to set up your Maker profile. Stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, join the Marketplace Maker Discord. There you’ll find the latest announcements, changes, and tips for optimizing your product listings.

What if I need support on a Maker product?

We’ll connect you directly to the Maker using their chosen support method. For some Makers, that’s an email address while for others it may be a Discord channel or website.

All Makers must provide reliable, timely customer support. Marketplace staff monitor support conversations and may delist products of Makers who do not comply with this requirement.

What about Point Zero?

Point Zero, VBI’s bespoke design service, will continue to operate as usual. Reporting directly to Elgato, the team will remain a valuable resource for top creators and brands.

..Another chapter begins

In March of 2016 the VBI story began. Seven years later, over three million creators have used VBI designs to enhance their broadcasts and videos.

It’s been a heck of a ride. 

And while VBI’s story is ending, our journey together is just beginning.

Before we go, we owe a special thank you:

  • To our community of streamers and video creators: We thank you for the years of support. Because of your passion, a small team of artists, gamers, and coders were able to pursue their dreams. We hope your content and audience have benefited as much as we have.
  • To our competitors, like Nerd or Die and OWN3D: We thank you for the friendly competition and rivalry. Together we made this industry stronger. And we hope to see you on Marketplace — this time as allies, working together to build your brand and empower creators everywhere.
  • To our community of artists and engineers: We thank you for the neverending inspiration. Since the beginning, we aimed to uplift your work and share your voice. With Marketplace, we can finally achieve this goal. We hope to welcome you there as Makers and grow your portfolio together.
  • To our Elgato and Corsair families: We thank you for believing in this ragtag team and its impossible mission. You saw something special in us all those years ago and challenged us to do something greater. Your support and enthusiasm remains invaluable.
  • To the VBI team: It takes a special group to build not one, but two creator marketplaces from the ground up. And it speaks volumes that the average VBI team member is a three year veteran — we must be doing something right! None of this would have been possible without your talent and loyalty.

There’s a lot more to share and we can’t wait to show you.